Best Free YouTube Video Downloader Websites, Software, Android apps and Chrome Extensions

Almost everyone around us has formed a habit of visiting YouTube website and it has become a usual inclination nowadays to download the duckie videos to watch them later in leisure. Now the complexity is what kind of YouTube video downloader should be selected in this context. These sources are important because people want their favorite videos in their devices, so they can watch them later and also some want to play those videos repeatedly because Youtube doesn’t have “listen on repeat” feature by default. Gobs of apps, online resources and extensions available for the users that make the situation more perplexing, when you have to pick a right one from lots of apps and this is why PingZic has brought the best downloader websites and apps to make your pick more convenient. We have selected the best ones, but it’s up to you which one you select.

Best Free YouTube Video Downloaders

Although, all of them are available free and you do not need to pay any charges to use any of them, but they are considered the best and high-quality downloaders as compared to many other paid ones. In the list, you will find some online resources that have been added for the users who do not want to be foxed by download and installation process that, of course, consumes precious time. Some apps have been added in the list for the users who want to enjoy their favorite songs offline on their Android tablets and mobile phones; a bunch of apps have been discussed for the users who want to download YouTube videos on their devices. So, let’s have an eyeshot of what we have brought here for you.

Free YouTube Video Downloader

YTD Downloader

YTD DownloaderAA

If you consider YTD Downloader as an indispensable for every PC, it is quite true. It is a wonderful app that can download videos not only from YouTube but also from some other sites including Facebook and Dailymotion. Once you have downloaded the app from the following link, you should open it. Now, it will show you where you have to put the URL of the video. Insert the link of your video and click download. It is certainly free and you do not need to pay charges for it. A wonderful and uncluttered UI to make it convenient for you where you can download your favorite videos without being hinged. You are also updated with the progress of downloading your video while your downloading stays on.

Download YTD Downloader.

Airy Video Downloader

A greater and faster YouTube video downloader that enables you to download your favorite YouTube videos within a couple of minutes. It is a software and it does not work Online. So, you have to download it before using it. It works in very simple and effective way. Once, you download it from the link given below, you just need to open it from the location where you have saved it. Now, copy your YouTube video URL and paste in its box.


It will start downloading it promptly and within a few moments, your song will be downloaded.

Download Airy.

Ultraget Video Downloader


Ultraget Video Downloader is a discern app that works wonders for the users. It is a free app that enables you to convert your video into various formats and also used for downloading the required video from YouTube. When you download it, there will be an option (Add URLs) next to the “Add Videos” on the top left of the window. You should click to the “Add URLs” to move ahead. Now another window appears where a Plus sign will be prominent as shown in the image above. You will click on the sign to add URL of your desired YouTube video. It will show a bar below where you can add your link. Now the last step is to hit the button “Start Download!” that lies at the bottom of the window. As soon as you hit the button, your downloading will start. It works very effectively and is absolutely fast to provide you HD quality videos offline.

Download Ultraget.

YouTube Downloader Websites



Undoubtedly, the best online tool that allows you to download YouTube HD videos. It does not only gives you the high-quality HD video downloading service but also enables you to convert your YouTube videos into 3GP, FLV and MP4 formats. It works in a very simple way. Just add the URL of your video into the box as shown in the image, that’s all. It will start grabbing automatically the video you require from YouTube.


Hence, the more important aspect of any video downloader is that it should be quite simple in use, it should be free and last, but not the least is that it should provide you service for high-quality video downloading. All of the above-discussed qualities can be found in KeepHD that works wonders for the users. So, give it a try to feel pleasant while downloading your desired videos.

Visit KeepHD.



SaveMedia is an excellent free online service for that works in two different ways. It is a video downloader and a video converter into MP3 at the same time.


Once, you add the URL of YouTube video and click the option “Download”, it will show you two options: “download the video” and “convert the video” into MP3 audio file. Now it’s up to you what you require. If you want to download the video simply, you should follow the option “Download the video” and it will start the downloading process. You will also see the progress bar. If you want to have an MP3 audio file of the video song and download it to your system, you should click the option “Convert the video” that will start converting the video file into an MP3 audio file and then the file will automatically be downloaded to your system.

Visit SaveMedia.



Zamzar is a fantabulous website but it works in a little bit different way. You have to receive the video into your mailbox. So, if you want to use this online service, you should have a valid email ID. It works in four steps. In the first step, you need to add the URL link of YouTube video. In the second step, you have to select the format in which you want to receive the video. Now the third step comes with a valid email ID. You have to add your email ID for receiving that video. In the final step, when you click “Convert” it will send the video to your email ID. Zamzar is the smart choice for smart people.

Visit Zamzar.

YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android



FVDTUBE allows you to download every video you like and you do not need to pay for any downloading. In other downloading apps, you are allowed to download one video at a time and you are unable to download multiple videos to save your time. This is not the case with FVDTUBE. It is a multiple video downloader that allows you to download multiple videos at the same time without wasting much time. Now, the rest of the things depend upon your internet speed. If you are using a high-speed internet, all of your videos will be downloaded within a few minutes. So, the multiple downloads function is pretty good to save your time. You would surely love to have this app in your Android phone or tablet because you do not need to make a sign-up or payment for using it to download any video.

Install FVDTUBE.

Fastest Video Downloader

Fastest Video Downloader for Android1AAA

Fastest Video Downloader is currently present in Google Play and according to the users’ reviews, it works in a wondrous way, i.e. 500% faster as compared to many other video downloaders available free online. Download this app for once in your Android device and download as many YouTube HD videos as you like. It sets no limits for downloading videos. Its download manager provides you remove, resume and pause functions to continue conveniently. This is how, you can avoid being irritated by paid apps and still not getting satisfactory results. So, access your favorite videos on YouTube quite easily without being stirred up.

Install Fastest Video Downloader.

YouTube Video Downloader Chrome Extensions



You would opt for TREVX because of its great functions. You can add it to your Chrome to use it for downloading high-quality videos. It not only downloads stuff from Youtube but also other platforms like Soundcloud and you can download songs in various formats. It supports various languages and you’re not going to have irritating pop-up ads in it. Moreover, conversion of videos to MP3 is also possible with TREVX.

Install TREVX.

Video DownloadHelper

Video downloadHelper is a great Chrome extension that can be added to your Chrome browser for downloading videos. If you want to use it, just click “Add to Chrome” option. You will see within a few moments a button appears on the top right corner of your Chrome window. It has been shown in the image below.

Video DownloadHelper2AA

Now, simply go to YouTube website and every video you like can be downloaded by clicking this button.

Install DownloadHelper.

Hence, the list comes to an end, but still, there will be many more video downloaders available online. If you have any in your mind and you consider your video downloader the best among all, you should share with other readers too. Add the link of your video downloader in the comments box to let all of us know about it. It may be, a great breakthrough for the users who are fed up now by trying some video downloader apps that are not of good quality.


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