16 Best Websites to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

The users, having cell phones with basic multimedia features would always prefer to have MP3 songs instead of MP4. Sometimes, you do not want video songs and you prefer MP3 songs so that large amount of memory of your device does not get occupied. So, what if you like a song on YouTube and you want to convert it into MP3? No all would love to use listen on repeat for Youtube because users can play mp3 in any media player with repeat functionality.

Convert YouTube Video to MP3

The only way is to get a YouTube video converter that could convert your YouTube video song into MP3 song; we have listed here the best 16 YouTube to mp3 converter websites for you that can be used in this context. Have a look to get your perfect website among them.

1. YouTubeMP3

It works in a very easy way, you just need to add the YouTube link of your favorite song in it and hit “Convert Video” option given below.



It will readily convert the video into MP3. Once, it converts it, you can download your song as an MP3. Isn’t it quite easy?


You can use this online website without paying any charges and even without getting registered to it.

2. Convert2MP3


It is an online converter where you do not need to make a SignUp. Just visit the website and insert the link of your YouTube song you want to convert. As soon as you add the link, there would be some options into which you can convert it. Select MP3 from the drop down list. Hit the convert option.


You will see the video conversion is in the process. Once, it is completed, you will see that your MP3 song is ready for download. Now you can download it to your system. It is a free service and no charges to be paid to use it.

3. Apowersoft Free Video to MP3


Apowersoft enables you to convert your YouTube videos not only in MP3 format but also in many others such as WMA, OGG, M4A, AU, WAV, RA, AC3 and many more. You should visit the site and paste the link of your desired video from YouTube. Now it will start processing; once it is processed, your MP3 download link would appear on the screen. This website works effectively if you are using any other browser except Chrome because it needs Java working behind and Chrome disables it.

4. ListentoYouTube


ListentoYouTube is also a good online source that can fulfill your need. It converts the video into MP3 within a few seconds. You can use it by copy paste of the link in the given box and thus, it processes and shows you its download link. It is absolutely free service for the users.

5. VidtoMP3


If you want to use it exceptionally for many other sites along with YouTube, it is the best one. Just go to Dailymotion, Veoh, YouTube, MegaVideo or Myspace and copy the link of your desired video. Add it to the box given at vidtomp3.com and press Enter. Now, wait for a few moments to get your download link.

6. Applian


Applian is not an online service. You have to buy it to use it offline as an app. It is available not only as a YouTube video converter but also a video converter from any site. It is available in $79.00 for Windows.

7. Flvto


You will find it absolutely perfect for you as it works faster as compared to many other web-based tools. Add the link and select the mode if you want to convert the video in a blink of an eye.

8. MP3Fiber


Another great website that works online and that’s the reason, you do not need to download it to use it. It does not only support MP3 but also 3GP, MP4, WEBM, AAC, F4V and many more. You can use it for conversion from YouTube and many other resources such as VK, Dailymotion, Instagram, AOL, Vimeo and Facebook, etc.

9. ClipConverter


Simply, go to the official site of ClipConverter and insert the link of your desired video. Click “Continue” next to the URL bar. Now you will see the MP3 link of your song ready for download within a minute.

10. YtConv


You just need to provide the link of the video song from YouTube to the given box and that’s all. You will get its MP3 converted link to download. It is a free service and you do not need to pay for using it.

11. YTtoMP3


YTtoMP3 works in the same way as YtConv, but YTtoMP3 supports a lot of formats and if you want to convert Video into MP4 HD or MP3, it enables you to go on. Get your videos converted in a high-quality format with this tool, you can also use it on your mobile or tablet.

12. YouTubetoMP3


It also provides the functionality to convert videos but the only disadvantage to use it is that it supports only two MP3 and MP4.



Vubey allows you to choose your desired quality while adding video URL in the available field, by this, you can download moderate quality songs for your mobile device because these medium quality songs take very little storage space.

14. FLV2MP3


It is a great online service that is also available as an app. You can use it either without downloading it as a website or after downloading it as an app. It converts YouTube video songs to MP3 in two quick steps. You just add the URL of the YouTube video and click “Convert to MP3” option. In the next step, a downloadable link of converted MP3 song will be ready that can be downloaded directly. It supports MP3, MP4 HD, MP4, AVI HD and AVI. So, enjoy a high-quality sound by using it.

15. Video2MP3


You can use it by visiting its official site where you will find a conversion tool. Just give URL of your video and that’s all. You will get the ready MP3 link of your song in no time. You will find it quite an efficient tool where you will find your YouTube video converted virtually into a high-quality MP3 file.

16. ThatMP3


ThatMP3 is assuredly a bang-up YouTube to MP3 converter that can be used in both of the ways, online and offline. Its premium version has some dandy features like, you can download multiple songs at a time. Even that the entire album of an artist can be downloaded into MP3 format. While converting your video into MP3, you would not experience the chafing ads and pop-ups. A groovy app for you to use online for free while its premium version can be downloaded in $4.99/month.

In short, the necessary thing for you while using a conversion tool is your time. If you use an Online website, it will save your time instead of using a tool after downloading it. In downloading any tool, you have to waste a lot of your precious time and bandwidth too, and thus, it is not a wise pick. So, be precise in using online converters and save your time. If you know any other free online resource that can be greatly helpful in converting YouTube videos into MP3 files, do let us know by throwing comments.


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