Download Windows 8 ISO: Full 32-bit/64-bit Versions Free

There are many things where we can compare Windows 7 with Windows 8 and we find Windows 8 better than the previous version. You can compare the features “Startup, browsing, gaming and the user interface, etc. All these features are exceptionally stylish and effective in Windows 8 as compared to Windows 7. When Windows 8 was released, the users of Windows 7 considered it a splash of cool water on their faces in a ray of broad sunshine. It came with attractive features for the users.

Features of Windows 8

Let’s see how it is different from Windows 7. Although the users could realize the major differences in the first glimpse of both the Windows, here are some prominent features of Windows 8.

Faster Startup has made Windows 8 a worthwhile Operating System. The Startup time of Windows 7 is about 27 seconds whereas Windows 8 comes with only 18 seconds Startup time. In the same way, Windows 7 requires 12 seconds to shutdown whereas Windows 8 takes only 8 seconds.

Easy Gestures feature makes Windows 8 a smoother and comfortable OS for the users. You can swipe from right to left to jump to another app or swipe from left to right to access the Charms menu. In the same way, the Semantic zoom, swiping from top to the bottom of the screen and some app-specific commands make it the first ever gestural version of Windows for the users.

The live tiles of the Windows appear with the latest updates. So, the app tiles provide you a glimpse of the content without opening them. You can view the latest headlines, recent emails, photos, news, and other details by having a bird’s eye view of these tiles.

Windows 8 comes with a powerful search feature for files, apps, and tools in the system. Let say! To search the “Mails” you need to type a few letters and the accurate results will be displayed on the screen.

You can sync your data and even the settings on any tablet, PC or notebook if you are using Windows 8. The option “Sync your Settings” allows you to sync the settings like lock screen, app setting, browser, password, language preferences, and background settings.

Download & Install Windows 8

Links updated on 19-Aug-2019.

Windows 8 32-bit ISO


Windows 8 64-bit ISO


Installation Method

First, you need to create a bootable USB drive to install Windows 8. Follow the steps below to create a bootable USB drive.

Click Here to download the tool to download Windows 8.

Now download the ISO Image of Windows 8 in your system.

Before copying the files into the USB drive, you need to make a bootable USB.

Go to the Command Prompt (run it as an Administrator) and type CHDIR into the boot folder.

Now type “bootsect /nt60 E:”

Now, copy the files by using the following command “XCOPY I:\*.* F:\ /E /F /H” and press Enter.

Right-click the Windows 8 USB/DVD download tool and select “Run” from the context menu.

It will show you the files on the USB drive. Select the “setup.exe” file to start the Windows 8 installation.

Restart the PC and select “Boot from USB” to move ahead.

It will show you a few settings taking place. Select the Language, Time Zone, and other settings.

Accept the “License Terms” in the next Window.

It will show you two options where you need to select “Custom” if you want to install a fresh copy of Windows 8. If you want to upgrade without losing your previous files, just select “Upgrade” from the options.

Select a partition where you want to install the Windows. If you want to delete the old Windows and its files, select “Delete old Windows.” You can keep it as well, but deleting old Windows will get you some free space.

Wait for a while until the system installs the necessary files and components.

That’s all. Set a name for your computer and add a network or “skip” this step for later.

Your Windows 8 is ready to use.


Q: I am trying to install Windows 8, but on reaching 92%, every time Windows 8 installation stops. Why it is happening?

Ans: It may be due to an update known as “KB2871389” in Windows 8. You need to uninstall this update in Windows Updates and reinstall it. Now try to install Windows 8. It will not create an error.

Q: I have downloaded the Windows 8 USB/DVD Download tool. When I run it, it shows like it is unreadable. What to do?

Ans: It happens when the installation media is corrupt. You need to install it to another USB drive. This USB drive may be infected with a virus or dirt. If you see this error while using a DVD, it may be due to some scratches on the DVD. So, change the installation media and try again.

Q: When I start the installation of Windows 8, there appears a message that some programs are interrupting the installation process. Please help me.

Ans: You need to disable the interrupting programs first. Go to the “Start and type “msconfig” in the Search box. Here, select “msconfig.exe” from the list.

Select the “General” tab and go to the relevant startup and uncheck the “Load startup items” checkbox before them.

Go to the “Services” tab. Here, click the option “Hide all Microsoft services” and select “Disable all” option.

Click “OK” and restart your system. Now, install Windows, it will not show any error.


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