Download Windows 10 ISO: 32-bit/64-bit, Build 18362.30 & v.1903

It is the tradition of Microsoft to introduce every version of Windows with cool and more attractive features. Same is the case with Windows 10. It was released with very attractive features for the users. There were some important things the people missed in Windows 8 and 8.1. So, Microsoft included all of them in Windows 10. So, it became the highly demanded Windows as it was released.

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How to Download & Install Windows 10

To download and Install Windows 10, you need to create a Bootable USB Drive first.

First, you need to download the tool “USB/DVD Download Tool” from the Microsoft official site. It lets you download the Windows 10 to your desired location.

Click Here to download the tool that will help in downloading Windows 10.

Now go to the end of the section to download the ISO image of Windows 10 in your PC.

This is how you can create a bootable USB before starting the installation.

Open the Command Prompt in your PC (Run it as an Administrator)

Type “CHDIR” here and press “Enter” key.

Now type “bootsect /nt60 E:” and press Enter key again.

Now copy the ISO file by using the command “XCOPY I:\*.*F:\/E/F/H.” Here XCOPY shows the copy of ISO image.

Right-click the downloading tool and click “Run” to launch the tool.

Now, you can see the ISO files in the USB drive. It shows that you have successfully copied the files. Double-click the “setup.exe” file to start the installation.

Restart your system and select “Boot from USB” from here.

Now, your system will start loading the files.

Select the Language, Time Zone and other settings on the next page.

Click the box “I Agree to the License Terms” in the next window.

Here, you need to select the type of installation. If you want to install a fresh copy of Windows 10, select “Custom.” If you want to upgrade your Windows, select “Upgrade” from here.

Now, you need to select a disk drive where you want to install the Windows 10.

The next option is about deleting old Windows. If you want to keep the old version too, don’t select this option and move ahead.

Wait until the system loads the necessary files and installs the components.

The whole process of installation of Windows 10 is shown in percentage.

Now, assign a name to your computer and add a network if you want so. Otherwise, skip this option and move ahead.

Now, your Windows 10 is ready to use.

Download Windows 10 ISO Below

Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to connect your phone. So, the Android users can send and receive SMS by using the PC. You can see the Timeline by using your PC.

The Cloud Clipboard is another interesting feature Windows 10 brings for the users. You can access the previously copied content by using it. Use “Windows key + V” combination to access the list of copied items.

The latest Screen Capture utility brings more ease for the users. You can capture a particular portion of the screen by using it. Not even this, you can save them into OneDrive as a PNG file.

The improved Search Panel brings a lot of ease for the users. The powerful search brings different portions for you i.e. Apps, Settings, Documents, Photos, and Web, etc. You can specialize your search by using any option among them.

The File Explorer has a dark mode for the users. It looks very attractive and gives a very stylish look to the File Explorer window.

When you open the videos in Microsoft Edge, they would automatically play. Now, Windows 10 brings a revised Microsoft Edge and you can change the settings of “Autoplay” for videos. So, no internet content including the videos and audios appearing on the web runs automatically now.

Windows 10 brings the touch-screen to work more conveniently and quickly on your PC. So, work in the hands-free state now. Furthermore, the Mic icon allows you to use the voice command feature.

The latest version of Windows also includes the powerful Game Bar. It can readily switch your PC into gaming mode. You can access it by using the “Windows key + G” combination.


Q: I am getting “0xC1900101 Error while installing Windows 10. What to do?

Ans: This error is due to various reasons. Make sure you have minimum 16GB free storage space in your hard disk where you are installing Windows 10 32-bit. If you are installing Windows 10 64-bit, you need minimum 20GB storage space. If you fulfill this requirement, you need to run Windows Update several times to get rid of update error.

Q: It shows a message “Remove External Hardware” whereas; I am not using any headphone or hands-free while installing Windows 10.

Ans: External Hardware means a scanner, printer, and speaker, USB flash drive or DVD, etc. So, it doesn’t mean the only headphone. If a printer or scanner is attached with your system where you are installing Windows 10, remove it and then install Windows 10.

Q: The installation of Windows 10 goes smooth in the beginning. But it reaches up to 50% and then stops. Please help.

Ans: It may be due to an outdated driver. You need to update Windows by installing all updates before starting the installation.

Q: When I start the installation of Windows 10, there appears a black screen and then a message appears that “Windows 10 cannot be installed.” What to do?

Ans: If you are using a non-Microsoft antivirus program, it may be interrupting the installation of Windows 10. So, uninstall it, reboot your system and try to install Windows 10 again. This time it will not show the error again.

Q: I have downloaded the Windows 10 USB/DVD Download tool in my system. When I run this tool, it shows that it is unreadable. Please help me.

Ans: When the installation media is corrupt, you experience this error. You need to install the tool in another USB drive. The present USB drive may be infected with a virus. If you are using a DVD, it may be scratched. So, change the installation media. You will not get this error now.


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