Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise ISO Free Download (32-bit & 64-bit Full Versions)

Microsoft released different editions of Windows 10. The most commonly used editions include Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education and Enterprise Pro, etc. There are some other versions too. Windows 10 LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) Enterprise is also released by Microsoft with some additional features. It comes with a powerful environment for power users. The smarter user interface and active support for the touch-screen sensitivity make it unbeatable Operating System. Let’s have an overview of the LTSC Enterprise edition of Windows 10.

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Download Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise 32-bit

Download Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise 64-bit

Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise Features

  1. LTSC, also known as LTSB (Long-Term Service Branch) is a specialized edition of Windows 10. It contains specialized apps and programs for the users that desire feature consistency. Some of the most prominent features include ATMs, industrial process controlling devices, Point-of-Sale terminals, MRI and CAT scanners, air traffic controlling devices and many others.
  2. It comes with more powerful Cortana. The categorized search in LTSC Enterprise is quicker and swifter. Just enter your desired keywords to search the meaning of something, file, folder, image or anything on the web.
  3. Microsoft Edge has even smoother performance in this version of Win 10. You will see the Edge with Reading View, powerful security system and better performance.
  4. Since, Windows Store, Camera, Weather, Microsoft Edge, and Mail evolve with time, Win 10 LTSC Enterprise does not include them. It is a specialized version of Windows that has been built for particular devices. That’s why; it includes Internet Explorer instead of Microsoft Edge.
  5. If you want to use productivity apps like MS Office, Microsoft Store and Microsoft Edge, etc., Win 10 LTSC is not for you.
  6. The LTSC Enterprise contains very powerful security features for the larger business firms. Since their data is more sensitive, the manufacturing firm has tried its best to provide the essential tools to make their data securer. Even, connected to a network, nobody can access your data without your permission.
  7. The User-friendly interface allows you to switch from one to another program quickly. The swift switching from one to another app is its distinguishing feature.
  8. Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise contains all Enterprise features, but with the latest security system. Frequent changes cannot be tolerated in it. So, it is particularly for the devices and firms that cannot upgrade frequently.

How to Download and Install Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise

Download Requirements

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1GHz or above CPU
  • 16GB hard disk space
  • Graphics DirectX9 or later

Download & Installation Guide

The installation of Win 10 LTSC Enterprise takes place in two phases. In the first phase, you need to create a bootable DVD.

To create a bootable DVD, you need to download the accurate tool from Microsoft official website. It converts the ISO image into a readable “.exe” file. Click Here to download the tool.

Download the ISO of Win 10 LTSC Enterprise from the above “Download” link.

Now, insert the DVD into DVD-ROM and open “Command Prompt” Administrator. (Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator)

Type here “CHDIR” and press Enter.

Type “bootsect/nt60 E:” and press Enter now.

Copy the ISO file from present drive to the DVD by using the following command. “XCOPY I: \*.*F:\/E/F/H.” If you have kept XCOPY in C, Type XCOPY C instead of XCOPY I. Here, XCOPY means the ISO file.

Close the Command Prompt. Right-click the USB/DVD Download Tool and select “Run” to run the tool.

Here, your desired ISO file is located in the DVD drive. Search the “setup.exe” file and double-click to start the installation process.

Now, the installation process starts. Reboot your system. You will see the booting options. Select the option “Boot from DVD” from here.

The loading of files will start. It shows you a page with various settings. Set your time zone, preferred language, and other things and click “Save.”

Click the option, “I Agree to the License Terms” here.

Here, you will see the option “Install a Fresh Copy of Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise. Click this option. Remember that it does not show an option regarding Updating the Windows. You can only install a fresh copy of this version of Windows.

Now, select a disk drive where you want to save Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise. It should have at least 16GB storage space. But the recommended hard disk space is around 20 GB for the smooth working of Windows.

Now, the system starts loading the required files from the ISO image. Wait until it completes the process.

The installation appears in percentage on your computer screen. When the installation process takes place, your system will restart several times. Don’t press any key because it will interrupt the installation process. Just wait until the process is over.

Once, it reaches to 100%, select a name for your system. Add a network, but it is optional. If you want to add a network later, you can select “Skip for now” from here.

That’s all guys! Your Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise is ready to use.


Q: I am unable to install the Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise in my system. I have checked the download requirements and I fulfill them too. Please help me.

Ans: It may be due to the scratched DVD. Make sure, you are using a new DVD without scratches to download the ISO file.

Q: When I start the installation process, it shows a message, “0xC1900101 – 0x3000D.” What does it mean? How to fix it?

Ans: The error occurs when you have connected external hardware with your system. There may be a printer, headphone, USB or scanner plugged in with your device. Remove all the external hardware and try to install Windows again.

Q: What are the download requirements?

Ans: Windows LTSC Enterprise requires at least 16GB hard disk space, 2GB RAM and Intel Multi-Core or above processor.

Q: I am trying to install the said version of Windows 10 in my device. It runs up to 15% and the installation fails. Why?

Ans: Make sure, you are using a device with updated drivers. The system is showing this error due to outdated drivers. Open “Device Manager” and check the drivers of all devices here. Make sure, no driver contains a yellow triangle.

Q: When I start the installation, there appears a message, “0xC1900101 – 0x2000c” on the screen and the Windows installation stops. Why does it happen?

Ans: It means that you do not have enough storage space in your device. It requires a minimum of 16GB storage capacity. But the recommended storage space is 20GB.


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