Download Windows 10 Enterprise ISO: 32-bit/64-bit Full Versions

Microsoft released Windows 10 in 12 different editions. The essential features of every version are the same, but all the editions have been released for various purposes. So, the people from all walks of life will get their required features in the relevant version.

Windows 10 Enterprise has been released for large business firms. So, this edition comes with some essential features for business firms. It brings secure solutions to control and organize the business electronically.

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Download Windows 10 Enterprise 32-bit

Download Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

How to Download and Install Windows 10 Enterprise

Download Requirements

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1GHz or above CPU
  • 16GB hard disk space
  • Graphics DirectX9 or later
  • Display Resolution 800 x 600

Download & Installation Guide

  1. The installation of Win 10 Enterprise can be divided into two phases. In the first phase, you need to create a bootable USB Drive.
  2. In this context, Microsoft offers a “USB/DVD Download Tool.” You can download it from the official site of Microsoft. It converts the ISO image into a readable “.exe” file that can be installed in computer easily. Click Here to download the tool.
  3. Download the “ISO of Windows 10 Enterprise” by using the links above.
  4. Connect the USB drive with PC.
  5. Open “Start” and look for Command Prompt. Right-click and select “Run as Administrator.”
  6. In Command Prompt (Admin), you need to type “CHDIR” and press Enter.
  7. Now, type another command “bootsect /nt60 E:” and press Enter.
  8. Now you need to copy the ISO file to the USB drive by using the following command. “XCOPY I: \*.*F:\/E/F/H.” If you have downloaded the XCOPY in drive C, type XCOPY C instead of XCOPY I. Here, XCOPY represents to the ISO file.
  9. Close the Command Prompt (Admin).
  10. Right-click the USB/DVD Download Tool and select “Run.”
  11. Here, the Win 10 Enterprise ISO file is located in the USB drive. Double-click the “setup.exe” file and click “OK” once a confirmation message appears on the screen to start the installation process.
  12. Restart the PC and select “Boot from USB” when you see the booting choices.
  13. You will see the system is loading the files. It displays a few options on a page where you need to set the language, time zone, and some other settings.
  14. Click the option, “I Agree to the License Terms” here.
  15. Now, you will see the option “Install” to start the “Clean Install” this edition of Windows 10. Remember that it does not come with the “Upgrade” option. You will find only one option that is Clean Install.
  16. Now, you need to select a disk drive where you want to save Win 10 Enterprise. It requires minimum 16GB storage space if you are installing 32-bit OS and 20 GB storage capacity if you are installing 64-bit OS.
  17. Make new partitions if you see the storage space is low in the relevant drive.
  18. Here, the system loads the files from the ISO image. Wait for a while until the operation completes this process.
  19. You can see the installation process in percentage on the screen.
  20. In the meantime, the system reboots several times. Don’t interrupt the installation process by using any key. Wait until the installation process completes.
  21. Once, it reaches 100%, you need to assign your computer a name. Adding a network is optional, and you connect it later. So, you can also skip it.

That’s all guys! Your Windows 10 Enterprise is ready to use.

Windows 10 Enterprise Features

The Domain Join feature allows you to join your team to work collectively remotely. It is password protected and quite safe. Furthermore, the Remote Desktop feature is updated and will enable you to access your PC remotely with more ease.

Windows-To-Go Creator is a distinct feature of Windows 10 Enterprise. It allows you to install Windows 10 in a portable device such as a USB drive or MicroSD card.

AppLocker adds foolproof security mask to your important apps and games. It allows you to make your apps password protected.

Direct Access allows you to access the restricted content of websites without downloading an additional tool. With time, many sites have become conscious of piracy, and they keep their content in regional restrictions. So, you can access the restricted sites by using this built-in feature.

Client Hyper-V is another striking feature of Windows 10 Enterprise. It allows you to run various operating systems such as 64-bit and 32-bit on the same machine. It is a built-in feature, and you can use it if you want to install two editions of Windows 10 in your PC.

If you are an MSDN subscriber, Windows 10 Enterprise is available for you. But you can also get it separately. Currently, the ISO image of Windows 10 Enterprise is available for public download. It is full-featured Windows that is available for 90-days trial.

The customizable Start Menu of Windows 10 Enterprise gives you plenty of choices to make changes according to your preference.

Microsoft is more concerned about the security of your official data. That’s why Windows Defender and Windows Firewall come with more power.

Incredibly fast Startup with some latest features such as InstantGo and Hiberboot

It supports TPM

The Battery Saver is exceptional to save power if it is idle. Even, you can activate the Battery Saver if it goes to sleep, hibernate, or you have to use it without power supply for longer hours.

Windows Update is faster and updated.

Cortana comes with more powerful search features. Cortana brings relevant suggestions. You can search more accurately by using it. Moreover, your virtual assistant comes with the categorized search feature. You can search for anything from web, device, and cloud by typing a few letters. Last, but not the least, you can activate hands-free “Hey Cortana.”

Windows Hello feature brings more protection and privacy for your essential data. It contains native fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition to make the security of your data foolproof. The biometric security system at the Enterprise level is also a part of Windows Hello.

It contains Virtual desktops feature. The Snap assist feature covers up to four apps in one screen. In the same way, the Snap apps feature supports the same app screen on various monitors.

You can switch the Windows from PC to tablet mode and vice versa.

Microsoft Edge has improved features such as integration with Cortana, Reading View, and Built-in ink support, etc.


Q: I am using Windows 7, and I want to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise, but I am unable to do so. It is not showing an option for upgrade. Please help me.

Ans: If you are using a version of Windows earlier, you cannot upgrade it to Enterprise. Remember, Windows 10 Enterprise is the only edition that cannot be upgraded. You can only Clean Install it. It is mainly due to different security features and system files.

Q: I downloaded Windows 10 Enterprise a few months earlier, now, trying to install it to my friend’s system but the process of installation does not proceed. Please specify the reason.

Ans: Make sure you are installing it within 90 days. The full version of Windows 10 Enterprise is available online on various sites. However, it is a 90-Days trial version. Once you download it, the countdown for expiry starts.

Q: I am trying to clean install Win 10 Enterprise, but it shows “Unable to install” message every time. I have checked the installation requirements and fulfill all of them. Please help me.

Ans: If you have checked the requirements too, it may be due to a non-Microsoft antivirus program. Disable/uninstall your antivirus program and try to install Windows once again.

Q: When I start the installation process, it does not show an error, and the installation goes on smoothly. But the process stops when it crosses to 15 or 20%. Why does it happen?

Ans: If it happens in the start, i.e., at 10%, 15% or 20% installation, it means the Device Manager should be checked. Check the drivers in Device Manager. If you see a yellow triangle with any device, update its driver and install Windows 10 Enterprise once again.

Q: When I try to install Win 10 Enterprise, it shows an error “0xC1900101 – 0x2000c” and does not go ahead. Why does it show this message?

Ans: This error usually occurs when you do not have sufficient storage space in the drive to install Windows. Make sure; you have checked the download requirements before starting the installation process.


  1. Soooo, are these the full version of windows 10 Enterprise or the evaluation versions? Also, your links are mixed up, x86 link downloads x64 iso and vice versa


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