Download WiFiKill apk for Android – Pro version with premium features included

Occasionally, it happens with you that you are working on a vital official task, but the slower speed of internet annoys you. It happens because of a shared WiFi connection. Other users connected to your WiFi network are also using the bandwidth, and thus, the internet speed is slower.

Consequently, you are unable to continue your work. Sometimes, this annoying situation is intolerable as it wastes a lot of time. You may want to show your frustration to the people using your shared WiFi network. However, I will not recommend you to do so.

Here, I am going to tell you an alternative way. The best way to handle such a situation is to disconnect other users from the network to increase the bandwidth. Unbelievable for you? Surely it is. But, you can do so by using WiFiKill app that has been mainly built to help you in such situations. Let’s have a look on WiFiKill and its salient features.

WiFiKill for Android

What is WiFiKill?

If observed keenly, WiFiKill is a fantastic app that can be used to stop the people using your WiFi connection. There may be a person in your locality who has hacked your WiFi network. So, he may be using your WiFi network without your consent. WiFiKill tool kills all such connections that have connected to your network irrelevantly.

Thus, you can use the full bandwidth of WiFi without being frustrated. In fact, this useful app has been built mainly for Android users. Earlier, it was available in the Android market. Currently, it comes among the list of banned apps as many people can misuse it.

Mainly, if they are using a public network, they can be a threat to the privacy of other people. Nobody can deny its usefulness if he uses it for the right purpose. Let’s see how useful it is.

WiFiKill Salient Features

Generally, WiFiKill works like a hacker app and shows the internet bandwidth your Android phone has used. It also shows the detailed description of the running bandwidth.

If you have visited some websites, it will also keep the record of the visited sites. So, the blog traffic history can help you to manage the bandwidth usage if you are using a limited bandwidth package. It shows not only your blog traffic but also the sites visited by other users who are using the same network. That’s why, it is a kind of hacking app because you hack the privacy of other users.

WiFiKill Features

Moreover, the app also reveals the network names of other users connected to it. Hence, it dawns upon you that how many users are currently using the bandwidth.

It instantly blocks other users from accessing your WiFi connection. You do not need to use a long process of changing the password to prevent others from accessing your network. Just use the one-tap process to kill other connections. So, it is quite easy to use even for a newbie.

This useful tool allows you to select some particular devices to add to the block list of the network. It shows you the net surfing history of other users. It also shows you the stuff other people are downloading from the internet. So, you can decide which device needs to be blocked and which should be allowed.

It is a user-friendly app, and it is compatible with all Android devices including Android phones and tablets.

The app shows you the increased number of bytes by killing the access of other devices. Basically, WiFiKill is not a kind of WiFi hacking. In fact, it is a kind of privacy hacking. It seems immoral, but entirely legal if you want to stop the unauthorized use of your network by some other users.

However, you need to use a rooted Android phone. Without rooting, you can’t use the app. It shows “Service Error” time and again.

File Information

File String Information
File Name WiFiKill apk
Latest Version v1.1
File Size 10.3MB
Operating System Requirements Android 4.0 and Above
Developer WiFiKill Inc.
Language English
License Free

How to Download & Install WiFiKill apk

Tap the “Download for Android” button given below to start the downloading process of WiFiKill apk.

Once, the downloading is over, keep the WiFi turned on and start installing the app.

It shows you the “Open” option as you complete the installation process. Tap this option to move ahead.

That’s it, guys! You will see the Home Page of the app where you can see all of the essential features. Enjoy using the app.

How Does It Work?

When you open the app, it shows you the Main Page where you can find different options. Tap the “Play” option you can see on the top of the page. It starts looking for your network users.

A “pop-up” message appears where the app needs your permission being a Superuser. Tap “Grant” to give the permission.

WiFiKill Service Error

Now, the app starts scanning your WiFi network and the usage of bandwidth. Wait for a while until it fetches the data for you. Within a few seconds, you will see the list of all the users connected to your WiFi network.

Currently, it will show you only the IP addresses of the connected devices. However, you can view the devices names too. Open “Preferences” in the Home Page and tap “Show Network Names” option to enable it. Now, you can see the names of the devices. The number of the connected devices can be seen at the bottom in the left corner.

In the device section, tap one device to view the “Grab” option. Slide this option as you see it. Once it is accessed, the app shows its complete history of the bandwidth usage and the blogs visited.

Here, slide the “Kill” option ahead of the connected device to disable it accessing your network. That’s it. Now, you will see the bandwidth you got by disabling the access of the said device. You see! how easily you can block all other devices to enjoy the full speed of your network.

Once, the blocking process is over, tap the “Switch off Kill” option to allow other users to access the network without any restriction. Tap the “Play” button to disable the play feature to release the privacy of other devices.

Note: You cannot block all the users at the same time. Block them all one followed by the other. Make sure; you select the “Grab” option first. Without using this option, it is impossible to use the “Kill” option. You will see the “Grab all” and “Kill all” options at the bottom of the screen. You can use them if you are using the premium WiFiKill app. If you are using the free version of the app, you need to block the users one by one.

Furthermore, if any device has “anti-WiFiKill” tool, you can’t hack the history and the bandwidth usage details of that device. Even, you cannot block it from accessing your network.


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