Weekly Trending Guides [Top 5]

Weekly Trending Guides [Top 5]

This week’s top 5 trending articles of Pingzic.

If you’re an Android user and facing “Mobile network not available” error then we’ve shared a few methods to solve this issue like you can get rid of this by taking out sim card and battery and then inserting both of them back after few minutes of wait. Another way we shared is to reset your phone on factory settings and you can fix this issue. Verizon users face this error too but they can fix it on their devices by doing some APN configurations.

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Fix “Mobile Network Not Available" error

For true gamers we thought to share some of the best gaming laptops of 2016 that can fulfill their needs to play heavy games without any lag. The best ones with better features and affordability were best gaming laptops under $1000 and that section has laptops from ASUS Rog and Acer’s gaming series.

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Best Gaming Laptops

Music lovers loved our reviews of best Android music apps and downloaded and installed on their Android devices and enjoyed alot. On the top of the list there was official Google play music app and it offers its users to upload more than 50k songs on their provided cloud storage so users can enjoy these songs even they are out of internet connection.

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Best Android Apps to Download Music For Free

Another well-known error is “DNS server not responding” that has made Windows users wild because it doesn’t allow them to use some specific or all websites in any internet browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others too. We finally found ten ways to fix this error and our users appreciated our work because they finally got rid of this. Some of the most working solutions are restarting modem, flushing DNS and changing the physical address of computer.

Here is the full guide: 10 Ways to Fix DNS Server is Not Responding Error [Solved]

DNS Server is Not Responding Error

Another perk on our blog that gamers are having is the list is best GBA games, we’ve the biggest collection of GBA games over the internet and have included more than 100 games in this list that game lovers of 1990’s enjoying alot. If you’re also from that decade, you must try these games again and should freshen your memories of childhood. I personally ordered and played Captain Tsubasa and Sonic Dash, because both are my favorite ones.

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