How to Fix “This Webpage has a Redirect Loop” in Chrome

Sometimes you try to access a website in Google Chrome, and it shows you a message “This Webpage has a Redirect Loop.” It seems a strange error. This error is known as “Error 310” and you encounter this error not only Chrome but also in Firefox browser.

Well! The solution of this problem is not very complicated. Even a layman can resolve it by using a handful techniques I am going to discuss in this guide. But it is paramount to understand what is Redirect Loop?

When you try to open a URL in Chrome, it needs to be one-dimensional flow, but it does not happen at times. You follow so many redirects and thus, it causes a loop. A Redirect Loop is basically such a situation where Page1 points to Page2 and Page2 points towards Page1.

So this kind of redirection makes the situation confusing and thus, the browser does not display the required webpage. In old browsers, when this error occurred, it could hang the browser. In modern browsers, the systems are updated and can quickly detect this kind of errors. Let’s try to resolve this problem by using some simple techniques. All of the below-mentioned techniques are handy and workable. Try all of them to get rid of this annoying error.

Before Going Ahead

Check the URL of the Site: Chrome manages the network of millions of the sites at the same time. If you change the URL of your site due to some sensitive matter, it may be a confusing situation for Chrome. So, make sure that the URL is same as earlier.

Try Another Browser
Try a Different browser

If any URL is not accessible in Chrome, you should try another browser. Open the URL of your desired website in another browser to make sure it is not a webpage issue. If the other browser is also not accessing the webpage, it means the problem is with the website, not with Chrome. If it is accessible, follow the instructions below.

1: Update Internet Time Settings of Computer (Most Working Solution)

It looks strange, but it is an unavoidable fact that you need to update Internet time settings of your computer if you are facing this error. At times, when you move in various time zones, the system time is not updated automatically. You have to update it manually. If it is not correct accordingly, you will face redirect loop problem. So update it.

  • Go to the “Search” bar and type “Date and Time” here. You will see this feature in the search results. Click to open its content.
    Date and Time in Search bar
  • You will see three tabs on the top of the window where you need to select “Internet time” as shown in the image below.
    Internet Time tab
  • Here, you need to click “Change Settings” tab.
    Change Settings tab
  • Now you are in configuration window where you should click “Update now” option to configure the time of the server.
    Update Internet Time settings

That’s all. Now refresh the browser and try to open the required page again. I hope it will work for you.

2: Zap the Chrome Browser by Reset Settings

It works quite effectively to fix this problem. That’s why you should zap the Chrome settings. You need to apply the following tips for this purpose.

Disable Extensions: All extensions should be disabled.

  • Click “Menu” icon to top right corner of Chrome browser. In the drop-down menu, there will be an option “More Tools.” click to view its context menu where you need to select “Extensions” option.
    Extensions option
  • Now uncheck all of the extensions available here.
    Disable extensions

Clear History: You should remove all saved passwords, Cache, Cookies and websites history.

  • Go to Menu and select “More Tools” to view its context menu. It will show you “Clear browsing data” option. Just select it.
    Clear Browsing History option
  • Now you will see the window where you need to check all the boxes to delete the entire history.
    Clear Browsing data

Reset Profile Settings: You also need to reset the profile to its default settings. It will refresh Chrome, and your browser will become as if it was on the very first day when you used it. By resetting profile settings, you will restore its default setting, and it will unpin the tabs and reset the homepage and the search engine.

  • Click “Settings” in Chrome menu.
    Settings in Chrome menu
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see “Show Advanced Settings” option. Select this option.
    Show Advanced Settings option
  • It shows you the advanced settings where you need to move to the bottom of the page once again. Here, you will see “Reset Settings” option. Click this option to reset all of the settings.
    Reset Settings to default

Shortcut: If you want to follow an alternative, just copy the following command into the address bar of Chrome browser and press Enter.

reset profile settings in Chrome

It will show you a direct message for resetting. Click “Reset” tab and that’s all.
Reset Settings shortcut

3: Fix multiple redirects by using a plugin

You need to download a WordPress plugin to fix the problem of multiple redirects in Chrome. If you download and install it, the issue will be resolved in no time. Click Here to download it.

4: Remove Cookies from Chrome

You need to remove Cookies from Chrome History to fix this error.

  • Click “Menu” button that is shown on the top right side of Chrome window. It will show you “Settings” in the drop-down list. Click this option to go ahead.
    Settings in Chrome menu
  • Now go to the bottom of the Settings page where you will see “Show Advanced Settings.” Select this option to move ahead.
    Show Advanced Settings option
  • In “Privacy” section, you will see two tabs where you need to select “Content Settings” tab to view its content.
    Content Settings tab
  • In the next window, select “All Cookies and Site Data” tab in Cookies section.
    All Cookies and Site Data tab
  • You will see the details about all cookies here. On the top right corner, there is an option “Remove All.” Select this option to remove cookies and close Settings section.
    Remove All tab

5: Check .htaccess file (Developers only)

Once you have applied all of the above-discussed techniques and still there is no success, you should check htaccess file. For this, you must be a developer. The “.htaccess” file needs to be in a clean and clear state to avoid redirect loop in Chrome. Bear in mind that a confusing “.htaccess” file would break your site, and there will be loads of redirection codes.


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