View Hidden Files & Folders in Windows 10 in just 3 Steps

Quite often it happens that you hide your important files, folders and other data to keep them safe from unauthorized users. Because you protect them with the exception that you won’t be using them again for a long time unless you need them, it is possible that you might forget how to view the hidden files and folders. Or, sometimes I’ve seen that most of the people only learn how to hide the folders, but never search for viewing the hidden files. Moreover, the new Interface of Windows 10 with whole new features can also make it trickier for you to navigate through the exact options to view those hidden files.

Also, sometimes it is important to view hidden files in anyone else’s computer because you need those files. I’m not talking about illegally accessing someone’s system, I just mean that you might don’t have access to the system’s owner and want some important file that is hidden, this post can help you in that situation.

Furthermore, I remember an incident happened to one of my friend, because of some hidden Windows’ system files, he wasn’t able to perform some important tasks, I exactly don’t remember what he was trying to do, but when he viewed that file, his Windows OS started using it in its core processes and his problem got resolved. So, you can imagine the importance of knowing this tip from the above-given example.

But let me make it clear first that if your folders are invisible using this method then you can’t view the folder with the help of under mentioned guide.

Based on such facts, I have created a quick guide just follow these easy steps with images and you can quickly see the hidden files.

Short Guide View Hidden Files and Folders

1: Firstly open the folder in which you have hidden your files or a sub-folder containing your data. From the top Ribbon View, click on the “Options” button.

File explorer options2: This will open a “Folder Options” box. From the top, click on the “View” tab. After that choose “Show Hidden Files and Folders” from the hidden files

3: Click on “Show Hidden Files and Folders” and you will be able to view all the files that are hidden within that particular folder.

Hidden Folder

Note: Using this tip can reveal all of your hidden files and folders in the file explorer, so if you want to make other files hidden then also hide them again.

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