UNKILLED – Zombie FPS Shooting apk & MOD apk (Unlimited Money)

For the lovers of action games, another fighting game is here. The game Unkilled –Zombie FPS reveals the fighting traits of your character. You play the role of a soldier who has to save the New York City from the attacks of zombies. The game comes with challenging combats, crucial moments and narrow escapes. The game makes you realized how big the responsibility you have. You are a soldier who has to save not only to himself but to the entire New York City. The undead is attacking the city again and again. It is only you who could be the savior of the city in this crucial time.

Thrilling Combats

Unkilled Salient Features

You have to build your team to work with you hand in hand to stop the undead from attacking New York City. Your team consists of the characters having different capabilities. As Joe, you constitute a unit called “Wolfpack”. The main responsibility of Wolfpack is to clean the New York city and stop spreading the virus in the surrounding.

The city is in danger and the game comes with 300 missions for Joe. You need to complete all the missions by competing with all the enemies.

There are more than 50 weapons you can use to kill your enemies. The weapons include long range, short range, melee, and even the special rockets to kill the toughest enemy. However, some special weapons are locked. You can purchase them if you have sufficient points or enough physical money.

The game comes with 5 unique units to help you against the undead. So, there are enemies, but friends too in the game. These unique units will help you to survive in the deadliest conditions.

Build a Stunning Team

The graphics of the game come with highly advanced effects. The characters have high-resolution shadows. Even that GPU simulated particle effects make the graphics impressive. More than ten thousand particles create the stunning effects in the picture. The crazy cinematic effects will make the gameplay more interesting for you and the game becomes a feast for you.

The perfect autofire shooting system of the game comes for unlimited action.

A wide range of skins is here for you. You can customize your weapons and characters as you like.

It supports a wide range of gaming gamepads.

Zombie Shooter in Unkilled

The game includes Adrenaline for a perfect aim from a distance. So, you are not going to miss any aim.

How to Download & Install Unkilled – Zombie FPS apk

The game is available on Google Play Store. If you download from Google Play Store, it will not ask you to install the game manually. Once you download the game, it will start the installation process automatically. Furthermore, it does not ask you to “Enable” the “Unknown Sources” option from phone Settings. Here is how to download and install this action game.

Go to the button “Download for Android” at the bottom of this section and tap on it to move ahead.

Once you have selected this button, it will redirect you to the Google Play Store page, where you can see the game.

Tap the “Download” option to start the downloading. Once the downloading is over, the installation process will start automatically.

Wait for a while until it reaches 100% and shows you the “Open” option.

Now, you can play your favorite game for long hours.

Unkilled – Zombie FPS MOD apk

The Unkilled – Zombie First person shooter game comes with a lot of thrilling and adventurous situations. It takes you to complete more than 150 missions to survive. The rivals and enemies keep appearing in the game and you have to combat with all of them to be the winner of the game.

The game is free and keeps moving on steadily on the basis of your points. If the points are below average, you cannot win the game. It is because you have to compete with the deadliest bosses and enemies including Dodger, Butcher, and Sheriff, etc. To finish them, you need some modern weapons. So, the weapons like LSAT machine gun, SAIGA-12K shotgun or M24 sniper rifle, etc are essential to use against them. If these weapons are locked, you cannot use them against your enemies.

MOD version of Unkilled – Zombie FPS Shooting Game comes with unlocked premium weapons. It also comes with unlimited money. If you want to make some purchases, such as the weapons or some safety masks, you do not need to struggle hard. You get unlimited points and unlimited money to purchase anything you want.

So, you have more chances to win the game if you are using a mod version of the game.

It comes with Infinite Ammunition. So, no need to worry about the stock of ammunition while fighting with enemies.

You do not need to reload the weapons.

You can attack from far away in the MOD apk.

It completes every level in a faster way.

It comes with unlimited power to complete the mission.

You can damage everything associated with your opposing people.

The MOD version allows you to complete a few levels in the original game and then move to the MOD version when the game becomes difficult.

How to Download & Install Unkilled – Zombie FPS MOD apk

You can download this addictive game from here. You need to follow a few instructions below to download the game.

Go to the end of the section where you will see “Download Unkilled MOD apk” option.

Now, go to the “Settings” in your Android phone and select “Lock screen and Security” category. From here “Enable” the option “Unknown Sources” before starting the installation.

Tap the “apk file and select “Install” to start the installation of mod apk. It will take a couple of minutes.

Once the installation is over, select “Open” to launch the game.

Now, select age, username and the weapons and build your team to encounter the deadliest enemies.


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