Download UKTVNow apk for Android/Windows PC

With the advancement of technology, the living style has improved a lot. You can notice how the people have reshaped the TV watching habits in this era. Now, you can watch your favorite TV shows and channels anytime anywhere. It does not matter whether you are sitting in a park or enjoying your holiday on a beach. You just need your Android phone and a speedier internet connection. UKTV Now app allows you to play your favorite channels live from all around the world.

UKTVNow app for Android

Salient Features of UKTV Now

Let’s have a look at the core features of the app to know how beneficial it is.

UKTVNow allows you to watch more than 150 live channels from around the globe. The app comes with different categories such as Entertainment, movies, sports, documentaries, TV shows and sports, etc. You can find your favorite programs by exploring the classes.

The app contains channels in 9 different languages to entertain a variety of viewers. So, all favorite channels from France, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, India, UK, Italy, the US, and Spain are available to entertain you.

The user interface is straightforward to use. It is effortless for even a newbie. Only one tap allows you to navigate through different categories.

The app provides you with a variety of live channels. If you want to watch a match, but at the same time you need to go out of home for some important task, you will miss the match. Luckily, UKTVNow enables you to watch your favorite content anywhere anytime. So, it does not make any difference if you stay at home or go around. Your TV is with you everywhere. In such matters, it becomes significant for you.

UKTVNow streams fast without lags or with less buffering. The only thing you require is a fast network connection.

The app comes in two versions. The premium version allows you the same 150 channels from around the world. However, you do not experience annoying ads in-between your favorite programs. It also comes with the access of some locked features. Let say! You can watch the program online as well as offline.

You can use the “Favorites” option to watch your desired programs later in free time. This option is handy if you want to go somewhere urgently.

The channels offer a variety of entertainment for all family members such as TV shows, movies and cartoon channels for kids, international news channels, music channels and much more.

The app supports Android 4.1 and above operating system to stream the content without lags. So, whatever model you are using, it is compatible with the app.

The app does not require a signup. You need to download the app and directly start exploring the categories.

The search function of the app is potent. You can search your favorite TV show or any other program by typing its name into the search bar. It shows you the relevant results quickly.

You can filter the content by using the categories, top-rated programs, movies, kids entertainment, and genre, etc. if you are good enough to recall the year of release of any program or movie, filter the content by using it.

Last, but not the least is that, if you are crazy to stream your desired movies or programs on the big screen, switch the Android phone with Chrome cast. It is compatible with Chrome cast.

The content you stream on your Android phone is in HD quality and makes you more excited while you are watching the live TV channels. You enjoy watching TV channels with the best quality of audio and video.

File Information UKTV Now

File String Information
File Name UKTVNow
File Size 9.13MB
Latest Version v1.0
Operating System Requirements Android 4.1 and Above
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install UKTVNow apk

If you are excited about downloading this fantastic app on Android phone, follow the steps below.

Tap the “Download for Android” button given below.

Wait for a minute or two until the downloading process is over.

Tap the downloaded apk of the app and select “Install” to begin the installation.

It readily installs the app. Once it is over, tap “Open” option appears on the bottom of the screen.

It shows you the app Home Page. Let’s start exploring the categories.

How to Download & Install UKTVNow on Windows PC

If you want to get this app for your Windows PC, it is still possible. Although the app is made for the Android phones, you can use it on your Windows PC/laptop. Follow the procedure below to stream this app on PC or laptop.

You need to download an Android Emulator on your Windows PC/Laptop for this purpose. It is an app that converts the Windows atmosphere into an Android one and makes it comfortable for you to run the Android apps on Windows PC. There are different Android Emulators available online such as Bluestacks. Download it from here.

It takes about half an hour or so because of the massive size of the file. So, wait until the downloading process gets over.

Once the downloading is finished, click the downloaded link of the file. Select “OK” to permit the system to start the installation of the app.

After the installation process, launch the app and start installing the UKTV Now app by clicking the “Download for Android” option given above.

The app starts downloading. Install it by clicking the option “Install” at the bottom of the page. It takes half a minute to complete the installation process.

Once it is over, click “Open” to launch the app. That’s it, guys! Now start going through your favorite channels on your Windows PC.

Important Things to Remember

If the app shows buffering for an unusually long time, you need to download a VPN app to run the TV channels smoothly. You can download any VPN from the Google Play Store.

If the load time is creating an annoying situation, connect the network to Google Open DNS. Changing DNS can avoid this issue. If you do not want to use the Google Open DNS, you can download any DNS changer app from the Google Play store once again.

One more thing to run the TV channels smoothly is that your RAM needs to have a free space up to 300MB or more.


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