Download Uber apk for Android, iPhone and Windows PC

Traveling is part and parcel of everybody’s day to day life. However, it becomes an uphill task to reach anywhere if you do not have your own vehicle. While hiring a cab, you may not feel secure because you are a lonely person to travel. The insecurity may be at a higher level if you are a woman. Whatever is the gender, it does not seem a wise decision to hire the cab and travel in it all alone. Maybe, it involves a risk of being kidnapped, killed or being looted during the traveling. Hence, whatever is the reason; your safety is always in danger while hiring a cab.

Well! Uber has brought a revolutionary change in this context. The safest way to travel to your destination is to use the Uber service. Moreover, the fare is absolutely nominal. If you are unfamiliar with Uber, let me explain it.

Pay from the Phone

What is Uber?

Uber service allows you different opportunities. Either, be a driver to earn your living or be a customer to enjoy the safest traveling all around. Just download the app, and it allows you to move comfortably to reach your destination safely. It is available in more than 600 cities all around the world. Moreover, it enables you to get a ride from more than 500 airports around the globe. So, hiring a cab from the airport is never a problem for you now. Last, but not the least, Uber is where you need a ride with comfortable vehicle options.

Uber Salient Features

Before moving to the download section, let’s have a look to know in-depth about Uber services. In fact, the app allows different functions. So, I am going to cross-section the app to let you know what services it brings for you.


Earlier, the traveling was never that much more comfortable as it is now. Now, you do not need to stay on the road in the rain, bad weather, in the sunny noon to hire the cab. Just sit at your lodging and download the Uber app in your phone. Create a user account and order to engage the cab. In fact, you add the destination and the pickup place in advance. That’s why! you do not need to worry about the fare too. You get the fare estimation beforehand. Thus, it does not make you worried that the driver is going to charge too much fare.

Budget-Friendly Trips

Obviously, it is a secure option when you are going to have many trips all around. It provides you with the budget-friendly trips. You never feel like the day to day traveling is a burden on your pocket.

Uber Riding Options

Secure Trips

Be confident girls! Now you can travel all alone safely while Uber is here. Uber app lets your loved ones know where you are moving right now. It keeps them updated where you have reached just now. They can feel relax while you are traveling alone even at night. The trip is safe and secure, and absolutely, it is perfect for the ladies for an emergency move up.


Being on time is always your first preference. If you hire a private cab from a company, it may be late to pick you up. What if you are calling the driver in an emergency condition to come to pick you up and he is not reachable. That’s what Uber has improved. You tap the option “Hire,” and within a few minutes, your ride is at the doorstep to pick you up. Consequently, it saves your time and drops you at the destination on time. Besides, the traveling is comfortable and makes you feel relax while you are moving ahead to your desired place.

24/7 Availability

The private cab service may be unavailable in the night. So, what to do in an emergency situation? Just imagine, you need to travel urgently at 2 am, and there is no cab service you can hire on the phone. The only option is to go to a nearby taxi stand that is again chaotic. What if there is no cab available? It creates a frustrating situation when you need the cab badly. Uber is a blessing in disguise for such conditions. You can hire the Uber cab 24/7. Now, your ride is never far from your home.

Uber Travelling Modes

Most importantly, Uber includes three traveling modes. You can use any of them. Again, the choice is always yours. Here they are.

Uber Moto

Uber Moto service includes a very economical ride on a motorcycle. It is perfect for the men who want to reach their destination urgently in nominal charges. The quickest ride is always ready to pick you up from anywhere.

Uber Auto

Uber Auto is another cheap traveling option for 2 to 3 people. The traveling is comfortable and secure. Your loved ones are in touch with you through the app, and they can see where you have reached now.


UberGo offers a luxurious traveling for the people with AC in the summer and heating system in the winter. Besides that, you can use the free internet service while you are traveling towards your destination. Well! it is a bit costly but absolutely safe and luxurious.

How does it Work?

First, download the app from the option “Download for Android” given below.

Create a sign up by adding your contact number, email ID, password and the payment method. If you want to pay through credit card, insert the credit card number in the given box.

You will receive a confirmation link in the email, tap the link and your account is confirmed.

Go to the settings and “Enable” the Location to switch on the GPS of your Android device. Add your destination.

Now, select the traveling mode from “Moto, Auto and Cab” options.

Wait for the response from Uber driver.

When the cab arrives, you will receive a text or call from the cab driver. That’s it, guys! Isn’t it easy to travel anywhere?

Set Destination in Uber

Uber apk File Information

File String Information
File Name Uber apk
Latest Version v4.227.10008
File Size 57.6MB
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Uber apk

If you are impressed by the outstanding qualities of Uber, follow the steps given below to download and install it.

Tap the “Download for Android” button given below to download the app. It may take a few minutes as the app size is 57.6MB. So, you need to have some patience.

Tap the downloaded apk file to start the installation.

It takes half a minute, and the installation is over. Tap the “Open” option to launch the app. Create signup and start using your favorite app.

Uber for iOS Devices

Uber is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is compatible with all iOS devices. So, you need to download the app from iTunes and install in your iOS device as you install other apps. Create signup and confirm your email ID by taping the link in your email ID. Now start using it.

Uber for Windows PC

If you want to use Uber app in your Windows PC, you need to download “Bluestacks” Android Simulator to your Windows PC. You can also install Nox App Player if you don’t want to prefer Bluestacks. An Android simulator creates an Android-like atmosphere in Windows PC and runs the Android apps smoothly.

Just download Bluestacks from Here and tap the “Download for Android” button mentioned above.

Download the app. Click the downloaded link of the app to start the installation. It takes a couple of minutes, and you will see the “app Installed” message.

Now, open the app and create signup by using your phone number and an active email ID.

That’s all guys! Now you can use it anytime to hire a cab.


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