Top 10 Facebook Games to Play now

Apart from a social networking platform that connects the people with their loved ones, Facebook is getting popular among the people due to its mini habit forming games that are so addictive that you can’t help, but play them. There are a lot of games that will allure you on Facebook and I am sure that you cannot stop yourself from playing them, but here, you will find top 10 Facebook games of all times that are highly addictive. Some of them are single player games, but many of them are multiplayer games and you have an opportunity to make new friends and have more fun on Facebook. So, let’s see go through the list of the best Facebook games.

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1. FarmVille 2


FarmVille-2 is a wonderful game with lovely characters and landscapes. You will find yourself sowing, plowing and harvesting the crops. The countryside is presented to beautify the game. It is awesome because it presents the nature and you harvest while enjoying nature’s company. It is wonderful and the most addictive game on Facebook.

Play FarmVille 2 Now.

2. Candy Crush


It is hard to decide which is the most demanded game between FarmVille and Candy Crush Saga. Facebook users are crazy to play both of these games. You just move candies from here to there to form pairing and sets of three candies together. It has 900+ levels and unluckily, I have completed only 346 yet. Once you start playing this game, you won’t get tired even after playing it for hours.

Play Candy Crush Now.

3. Pet Rescue Saga


Pet Rescue Saga attracts your attention for once and then you can’t stop yourself from playing it all the day long. Unlike matching three candies in Candy Crush Saga, it is about rescuing your pets that are stuck on the top of the pillars. You would love to rescue them.

Play Pet Rescue Saga Now.

4. 8 Ball Pool


It is powered by Miniclip and is considered the awesome Facebook game of all the time. It is a multi-player game where you have to score against your mates and thus, it provides you a chance to play against millions of players online. The same game developer has introduced similar kind of game “Bowling King” that is also going good among geek gamers.

Play 8 Ball Pool Now.

5. Asphalt 8: Airborne


Asphalt 8: Airborne is a thrilling game for adventurous racers. This racing game takes you to your luxurious dream cars that can show aerial stunts while going on. You would sure love to drive your favorite Ferrari and Lamborghini. There comes hurdles on your track and also your car can get wrecked by other rival cars, this 3D game is excellent for kids and for elders too.

Play Asphalt8 Now.

6. Texas Holdem Poker

Texas H Poker

It is always been a great fun to play poker games and if you love to play Live poker game, Texas Holdem Poker is absolutely a perfect pick for you. It is a game where 60 million players win the game and prizes everyday. It is absolutely free.

Play Texas Holdem Poker Now.

7. Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager

Top Eleven

If you are crazy to play football and want to be a football manager, it is surely for you. You can enjoy this game not only on Windows PCs, but also on your Android and iOS devices.

Play Top Eleven Now.

8. Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends

Play this interesting game where you have to hit a specific point to get points. It is very interesting and time killing game where your hours are shrunk into minutes while you are playing. The rules of physics the developers have used in Angry Birds game series are unmatchable.

Play Angry Birds Friends Now.

9. Dragon City

Dragon City

Dragon City is a very cute game where you have to construct the city for your dragon. You build the city and then provide your dragon enough food and let them breed. You have a target in the game to grow different breeds of dragon.

Play Dragon City Now.

10. Criminal Case

Criminal Case.....

Last, but not the least is Criminal Case that is for the adventurous players who love to be a detective. A young lady is murdered and you have to collect evidence. If you observe keenly and collects clues, for each clue you get scores. You would love to play this addictive game that is a kind of brain-teaser.

Play Criminal Case Now.


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