How to Fix This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine Problem

If you are running a pirated Windows edition, there will be no harm in using it. Just one problem you will face is that its’ features will work only for a few months. Later, it will start showing error message “This copy of Windows is not Genuine”, and sometimes, your display screen turns to blank. The major disadvantage is that whenever you want to change the Display settings or the “Personalization,” there appears a message that “You need to Activate Windows Before you can Personalize Your System.” This is how it irritates you.

Windows Copy is Not Genuine Error

Well! If you can spend some money, get a genuine copy of Windows OS. It is far better than using a pirated Windows OS because that will be genuine after all. But! some people still want to use a pirated version of Windows without showing any error. So, there are some tricks you can use to stop getting the error message.

It does not mean that the procedures below can convert your pirated Windows version into a genuine one. They can just fix the error message. There will be no issues regarding Windows system and install updates. So, let’s start the guide to see what you can do to stop this error.

Solution # 1: Uninstall Windows Update [Most Working Solution]

There is a particular Windows Update; you need to uninstall. This particular update or file can detect your Windows OS as a fake or pirated one. Hence, if you uninstall this update, the error will be fixed. Here is how to do so.

  • Right-click the “Start” button to open its context menu and select “Control Panel” from here.
    Control Panel in Start Context menu
  • Now Type “Windows Updates in the Search bar in Control Panel. It will show you the “Programs and Features” category. Select it to move ahead.
    View Installed Updates in Control Panel
  • On the next page, you will see “View Installed Updates” option in the left pane. Select it.
    View Installed Updates Feature
  • In the list of installed updates, you need to search “KB971033 Update. Right-click on the update and select the option “Uninstall” from the context menu.
  • Now, reboot the system and see! The error has gone.

Solution # 2: Turn off Windows Updates

If your Windows version is pirated one and you keep installing updates, it will continuously generate the same error messages again and again “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine”, and you can’t do anything. Hence, you need to turn the Windows Updates Off to get rid of this error permanently. Follow the instructions below in this context.

  • Right-click the Start button and select “Control Panel” from here.
    Control Panel in Start Context menu
  • In the Control Panel menu, choose the “Administrative Tools” category.
    Admin Tools of Windows Feature
  • In the list of Administrative Tools, you need to select “Services” to move ahead.
    Services of Windows
  • Now scroll down to find “Windows Update” service that lies in the list alphabetically. As soon as you find it, right-click to select “Properties” from the context menu.
    Windows Updates Service
  • In the “Startup type, you need to select “Disabled” from the drop-down menu and select “OK” to apply the changes.
    Windows Update Service Disabled

Solution # 3: Change RSOP Settings

You need to modify the settings of “Resultant Set of Policy” in Windows by using the following method to fix this error.

  • Right-click the Start button and select “Run” dialogue box from here.
    Run in Start Context menu
  • Type here “rsop.msc” and press Enter.
    RSOP.MSC in Run Box
  • Here, select “Computer Configuration” to expand its content.
  • Now select the “Windows Settings” folder from the menu.
    Windows Settings Folder
  • As the list of Windows Settings expands, you need to choose “Security Settings” from here.
    Security Settings in RSOP
  • In the list, you will see “System Services.” You need to double-click to this feature to display its content in the right pane.
    System Services in RSOP
  • Now scroll down and select “Plug and Play” from the right pane.
    Plug and Play option in RSOP
  • Double-click to open “Properties” of Plug and Play. From the “Properties” window, select “Automatic” in the Startup section.
  • Close the RSOP window and press “Windows + R” keys to open the Run box. Type here “gpupdate /force” and press Enter key.
  • Now reboot the system and see the magic of this trick that how it has fixed the error “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine.”

Solution # 4: SLMGR Operation in Command Prompt

SLMGR is basically Windows Software License Manager. You need to reset its license status by using the following instructions.

  • Right-click “Start” button and select “Command Prompt (Admin) from the context menu.
  • Now type “slmgr -rearm” and press Enter.
    slmgr -rearm in Command Prompt
  • (If it does not show any success message to you, type “slmgr /rearm” and press Enter)
  • You will see the message that “Command Completed Successfully.”Windows Script Host
  • Now you need to reboot the system to make the changes effective.

See the image below. The Windows is not genuine” problem is fixed. Nothing is disabled now. You can change the settings according to your preferences. Even there is no issue of Personalization.

Windows Not Genuine Issue Fixed


Q: When I use the command “slmgr -rearm” in the command prompt, it shows an error message like “The maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded.” What should I do now?
Ans: If you are getting this error message, you need to resolve it by changing the value of “SkipRearm” in the Registry Editor. So, use the steps below to perform this action.

  • Press “Windows + R” keys to launch the “Run” box. Type here “regedit and click “OK” to launch Registry Editor.
    regedit command in Run box
  • Here, select “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” to expand it.
  • Now click the “Software” folder to broaden its content.
    Software in Registry Editor
  • Select “Microsoft” from Software content.
    Microsoft Folder in Registry Editor
  • Now choose “WindowsNT” from the list of Microsoft.
    Windows NT in Registry Editor
  • Here, click “Current Version” folder.
    CurrentVersion in Windows NT
  • Now scroll down to get the “SoftwareProtectionPlatform” folder and click on it as you get it.
  • Here, in the right pane, you will see the content of “SoftwareProtectionPlatform.” You need to look for “SkipRearm” registry.
    SoftwareProtectionPlatform Content
  • Once you get it, double-click to open its Value Data. Initially, it is “0”, and you need to change it with “1” and press Enter.
    Value Data for Skip Rearm
  • Now reboot the system and try again in Command Prompt. You will not see this error.

Q: When I tried the command “slmgr /rearm” in the Command Prompt, I got the error message “SLMGR is not recognized as an internal or external command.”
Ans: You just need to change the name of “slmgr.vbs.REMOVEWAT” or “slmgr” file to get rid of this error. Follow the steps below.

  • Open “C” drive and select “Windows” folder from it.
    Windows Folder in Drive C
  • Now choose “System32” from here.
  • In the content of System32, scroll down the list. Initially, you will see the folders. Then there will be the files. You need to search it in the files’ list. It is “slmgr” file and as the image below shows, it is “VBScript Script File.”
    SLMGR in Windows Drive
  • Right-click and select the “Rename” option to change its name as “slmgr.vbs” and press Enter to apply the changes.
  • That’s all. Now restart the PC and try the command “slmgr /rearm” again in Command Prompt.

Guys! The methods I have discussed here will get you out of this problem for sure. If you are still getting the error message, you need to get a genuine copy of Windows to get rid of this disturbing situation. There is no other way out to fix this error except those I have mentioned. If there is any, do let the other readers know by leaving comments.


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