Fix Parse Error – There is a Problem Parsing the Package

While downloading a video or audio file or any software in the Android operating system, the system divides it into different little packets. The system analyzes the data deeply. Once the downloading is complete, the packages are mixed to make one unit. But seldom, it shows “Parse Error – there is a problem parsing the package” error, and you are unable to complete the downloading process. So, it shows there is some interruption during the analyzing of data. Android Operating System is not well-defensive against the errors and one followed by the other you face issues while using it. Here, I am going to discuss the reasons behind the failure and some handy techniques to fix the Parse error on Android devices. You can try all of them to get rid of this error. So, let’s move towards the guide now.

Method # 1: Allow Unknown Sources [Most Working Solution]

If you are trying to install a program from other sources than Google Play Store, you need to activate the option “Unknown Sources” on your Android device. Otherwise, it will show this error every time you try to install it.

  • Tap the “Settings” icon.

Keep scrolling down to see the “Security” feature. (In some Android device it is “Lock screen and security” feature. Select it to open its content.

Settings Menu

  • Here, turn on the “Unknown sources” option. It will allow you to download files from other websites than Google Play Store.Install from Unknown Sources Enabled


Method # 2: Enable USB Debugging

This feature is not a must to download your desired apps. But sometimes, it interrupts the downloading process. So, you need to enable the USB Debugging. Follow the instructions to enable this option.

Tap the “Settings” icon.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page on “Settings” and tap “About Phone” feature (In some mobiles “About Device”)

Settings Menu

  • Here, you will see “Software Info” category.
    About Device Menu
  • Tap seven times to “Build Number” to activate the “Developer Option”. As soon as you finish the seven tappings on the Build Number, it will show you that “Developer Option is successfully activated.” (Since my “Developer Option” is already On, the image below shows this message. But when you tap the screen seven times, it will show you the message that the “Developer Option is On now”)Software Info Menu
  • Now, you need to return to the “Settings” menu and tap “Developer Options” from the list.Developer Options in Settings Menu
  • It will show you “USB debugging” in the “Debugging” category. Just turn it on.Enable USB Debugging


Method # 3: Disable Antivirus Program

If you are using an antivirus program on your Android phone, you need to disable it for some time. Otherwise, it will block the downloading of the apps from online sites. It may consider it a suspicious program and does not let the system to download it.

Go to the “Settings” menu.

Scroll down to find “Applications” feature.

Apps in Settings

  • As soon as you tap it, you will find “Application Manager” on the top of the list. Select this option.
    App Manager Feature
  • Now tap the antivirus icon in the list.
    Antivirus Tool
  • It will launch. Select here “Force Stop” option to disable it.
    Disable Antivirus Tool in App infoNow try to download your desired app. It will not show parse error now.


Method # 4: Remove Cookies and Cache Memory of Google Play Store

If you flush the Cache memory and cookies from Google Play app, it will also help in fixing this issue.

  • Open “Settings” menu and select “Applications” from here.

Applications Section

  • Now select “Application Manager” from here.
    App Manager Section
  • Tap to open “Google Play Store” from here.
    Google Play Store App
  • Now you will see two options here. Select “Clear Cache” to delete the cache memory. Now tap “Clear Data” to delete cookies from this program.
    Remove History for Google Play StoreWhen you have successfully cleared the cache and cookies, you will see this kind of figure.
    History Removed


Method # 5: Reset Settings

The ultimate solution you need to apply is to reset the phone’s settings. If you are unable to fix the Parse Error, you can reset the settings.

Open “Settings” menu and select “Backup and Reset” from the list.

Settings Menu

  • Now select “Reset Settings” from the list. This option will reset all the settings of your Android device to the default.
    Reset to Default Settings


Method # 6: Check Compatibility of Application

You need to check the compatibility of the application you are trying to download and install. If you do not find “.apk” extension with the file, it means the application is not compatible with your Operating System. You need to check the requirements of downloading the app on the said site. If it is designed for KitKat or Jellybeans version of Android and you are using Marshmallow version, it means the app is not intended for Marshmallow version. So, it may be a big reason behind the Parse Error.

Method # 7: Move to the Old Version

If you are trying to download and install the latest version of any app and that is creating this error, you can try its old version. Just search in Google for its old version and download that. If it works, that means it is compatible with your Android system.

Method # 8: Upgrade the Operating System

If in spite of using all of the above-discussed methods the Parse Error persists, you can fix it by upgrading the operating system.

Open the “Settings.”

Scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap “About Device” option.

About Device Section in Settings

  • Now select “Software Update” from here.
    About Device menu
  • Here, turn on the option “Download update automatically” to check for updates. It will look for the latest updates and will download the updates automatically.
    Turn on Download Update Automatically Option

Method # 9: Always Use Play Store

If you want to fix Parse Error, use Play Store for downloading the apps. Look for the app on Play Store. Download if you get it there. If you cannot get it there, it means this app does not have compatibility with your phone. Never use entrusted sites to download stuff on your Android phone. There may be incompatible or corrupt apps with the unknown malicious virus to destroy your device.

Google Play Store apps

Method # 10: Partial and Full “.APK” File

Make sure you have downloaded the full app. There are some websites where you find the partial “.APK” files of any app that will create error while downloading or running. So, when you start downloading, you need to check you have downloaded the full version of the app. Otherwise, it will create an error.

So, guys! All of the above-discussed solutions are all you can apply to fix the “Parse Error.” Just try all of them and see which one works for you. Don’t forget to tell others about it in comments.


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