Download Super Mario Run apk – Full Game Unlocked with Mod

Super Mario Run is complete fun for the players. You need to help Mario to move ahead by crossing the hurdles in the game. Meanwhile, Mario keeps collecting the gems and coins on his way. If you help him crossing much distance in less time, you get special rewards in the game. So, the game is all about running through different courses as the name suggests. It is a game you can play with one hand.  You need simple tapping to control Mario. However, the hurdles seem more accessible at the beginning of the game but become harder as you proceed.

Super Mario Run Characters

Features of Super Mario Run

It is a free game, but some modes are locked. If you want to play the game in locked modes, you need to pay the fees to unlock them. However, the trial version is available for all modes.

The game comes in four catchy modes, i.e., World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10 and Kingdom Builder. The World Tour contains the jumping and running through the caverns, plains, airships, and castles, etc.

Toad Rally comes with stylish moves of Mario. In this mode, you can play against your friends online. You can challenge the players of Super Mario Run from all over the world.

Intense Action with Simple Controls

Remix 10 includes the shortest courses you have to cover with Mario. This is bite-sized mode indeed where you will go through 10 short courses.

Kingdom Builder mode comes with more complicated tasks of building the kingdom. In this game, you collect a large number of coins to build your state. You construct the buildings and decorate them with different items. The main task in the game is to rescue Princess Peach. It is possible only if you meet the target to cover at least 4 to 6 courses and construct homes for Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette.

The game cannot be played in offline mode. If you want to play it, you need a live internet connection.

It is not a typical Mario game. The way you play the game is entirely different.

Tackle Different Courses

The characters, enemies even the way of collecting the coins, everything is the same old. However, the game courses, rewards, surprises, and modes are entirely new.

Super Mario Run File Information

File String Information
File Name Super Mario Run apk
File Size 79.5MB
Operating System Requirements Android 4.0 and Above
Latest Version v3.0.12
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Super Mario Run apk

Follow the instructions below if you want to download Super Mario Run apk from here.

Move to the end of this section and select the option “Download for Android.” It will show you that the game has started downloading. Wait for a while as the game size is bulky and will take some time.

Once the downloading process reaches 100%, and there appears an option “Install” on the screen, tap this option to move ahead.

It will start the installation process. The page “Terms and Conditions” appears on the screen where you need to select “I Agree” to show your consent.

Once the installation is over, you need to select the option “Open” that will launch the game. Before you start the game, you have to select “Allow” to give the app access to the images, videos, and contacts.

Now, the game starts. Enjoy playing your favorite game.

Super Mario Run MOD apk

When you are playing the Super Mario Run in different modes particularly in Kingdom Builder, you require a lot of money. You require unlimited funds to construct the buildings, to rescue the Princess Peach and to manage the Kingdom.

Furthermore, you require money to unlock the modes and utilities. All of these features are part and parcel of the Super Mario Run MOD apk. It brings unlimited cash for you. So, you do not need to spend the coins miserly. The money is endless. Spend wherever you want and purchase whatever you like. The MOD version of the game also brings some surprise rewards. The surprise rewards include money, gems, points, and high jumps.

Super Mario Run MOD apk File Information

File String Information
File Name Super Mario Run MOD apk
File Size 80MB
Operating System Requirements Android 4.0 and Above
Latest Version V3.0.12
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Super Mario Run MOD apk

If you are getting excited to download Super Mario Run MOD apk, here is how to download and install the MOD version of the game. Follow the instructions below and enjoy playing the MOD version of the game.

Go to the end of the section where you will see the option “Download Super Mario Run MOD apk.” You need to select this button, and the downloading will be started.

Once the downloading is over, you need to go to the “Downloads” in your mobile.

You will find here the MOD apk of the game. Tap this apk and select “Install” to start the installation process.

It displays the “Terms and Conditions” page, where you need to select “I Agree” to move ahead.

It will show you the installation process in %age. Wait for a while until it gets over. Now, select the option “Open” to launch the game. Remember, it is a free game, but the game would access your Images, Contacts, and Videos to save the records. You need to permit to play the game.

How to Download & Install Super Mario Run apk for PC

Some users do not want to play this exciting one-handed game on an Android phone. They prefer to play it on their Windows PC/Laptop. Initially, the game is only for Android and iOS devices. Still, there is a way to play this game on Windows PC. Here is how you can get this amazing game on Windows PC.

You need to download an Android Emulator. It is a tool that converts the Windows platform into an Android-like platform. So, you can easily run Android games and apps on it. There are different Android Emulators available in the market. You need to download an authentic Android Emulator that could not create a problem. Bluestacks is highly admired in this context. It works well with Google Chrome and all versions of Windows. You can download it from Here.

Once you have downloaded the Bluestacks, install it. The installation process takes a bit of time due to the massive size of the file.

Launch the Bluestacks once it is installed.

Now, go to the above section and download the Super Mario Run apk/MOD apk according to your preference.

Here, you need to open “Downloads” in Windows PC, and “Bluestacks” app. Drag-and-drop the Super Mario Run apk file from the Downloads to Bluestacks’ app drawer.

Double-click the apk file to start the installation. It takes no time and shows you the option “Open” finally. Select this option and launch the game.


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