Download Stardew Valley MOD apk (Unlimited Money and Stamina)

Eric Barone has spent four and a half year to learn developing the game to transform his dream gram into reality. Finally, he created this marvelous game that has been appreciated on mass levels. When you start this addictive game, you want to play it for long hours to use your creative skills. The game takes you to the world of virtual farming where you have been assigned a few tasks related to farming. You have to complete all of them with the responsibility to earn coins. Stardew Valley game is one of the most interesting farming games. In the Stardew Valley, your grandfather has left an old farm for you in inheritance. Now, you start a new life by owing the farm.

Grow Seasonal Crops

Stardew Valley Salient Features

When you start a new life in Stardew Valley, you have only a few coins and a farm. Now, you have to hard work to grow the fields into the bountiful farm. You have the basic tools of farming. If you work hard and earn good points, you can purchase the modern farming tools too.

You have to raise the animals and breed them. You can use your skills and knowledge to grow different seasonal crops. You can design your farm in your desired way.

The game comes with flexible customization. You can customize your farmer and your home too. There are more than hundred customize options you can use to change the outlook of your home.

When you go ahead in farming and grow well, you will get tens of marriage candidates. Select the one you like the best among all to be your life partner and start a new life. However, the choice is always yours if you do not want to get married.

Stardew Valley Farming Game

The game includes various seasonal festivals and quests. You can take part in them to earn more coins. In this way, you will be socialized and be a part of the Stardew Valley.

The valley is full of mysterious places such as caves and vast untouched areas. You can explore the uninhabited places of the valley and face challenging combats with the monsters. If you make the monsters run away, you get precious treasures. These treasures are highly helpful when you want to get the modern agricultural equipment for farming.

Whenever you are free from the cultivation of crops, go to a local seaside and enjoy fishing.

The game comes with various controls options. You can control it by using the touch screen, virtual joystick or by using an external controller.

Make New Friends

It is a paid game and you have to pay $7.99 to get it from Google Play Store.

How to Download & Install Stardew Valley apk

It is a paid game you need to pay $7.99 to download it. Follow the steps below to download it from the Google Play Store.

Click the option “Download Stardew Valley apk” below. It will redirect to the Google Play Store where the game lies.

Click the “Payment Options” and add your card details.

It will ask you again to deduct the price. Once you confirm by clicking “OK,” the downloading of the game will start.

Since you are downloading from Google Play Store, the installation will take place automatically.

How to Download & Install Stardew Valley MOD apk

Money and strength are the two most important requirements of the game. When you are exhausted, the game is over. When you do not have money, you cannot buy resources and farming tools. So, Stardew Valley MOD version of the game brings both of them for you. You can get unlimited money to buy anything in the game. You can buy clothes, in-home decoration items, modern farming tools and many other things with the money. Furthermore, the MOD version of the game brings unlimited stamina for you. You will never feel exhausted while you play the game.

File Information

File String Information
File Name Stardew Valley MOD apk
File Size 132MB
Operating System Requirements Android 2.3.3 and Above
Latest Version v1.7.0
License Free
Language English

Stardew Valley Cheats

Stardew game comes with more flexible options for the gamers including the “Name your Character” option. You can assign your desired name to a character. Here, you should not assign a name to the character. You need to assign a number instead. Let say! You can name your character “610” or “703,” etc. It will be highly beneficial whenever your name is used in the game. Assigning a value to the character will work magically to make you rich. If you want money to get some modern farming tools, buy a chicken or something else and assign it a name “417.” It is basically the item code of “Sweet Gem Berry” and when you assign it this name, everything known as “417” will come to your inventory. So, you can repeat this task many times. Every time you will get 3000g of sweet gem berry.

In the same way use “[166]” or “[163]” and get a legend fish along with a chest full of treasure.

Some other cheat codes that can work magic to make you richer in a few hours are as below. “[688], [66], [64], [68], [60], [82], [86], [80], [74]” You can use them time and again to become richer.

What you need to do is to buy a small animal, assign a value to him and sell it. Every time you will get something.

Whenever there are some quests in the valley, you need to take part in them. Every quest can shower some money. You get alert for the upcoming festivals and quests. So, whenever you get alert, be ready for the quests.

You get prosperity as your farm grows. So, don’t stop farming. It will bring a lot of money and resources for you. Every time, you grow the seasonal crops, you get a lot of points and bonuses. Buy healthy seeds with the money you have and sow them. Look after the crops, but you need to be prepared for the seasonal disasters such as storms and rains. Enjoy cultivating the crops when you get them.

Fishing is not only fun in the game; it also brings some extra income for investment. So, keep fishing in the free time to get an extra income.


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