Star Traders Frontiers apk for Android, Windows & Mac

This exciting game comes in the form of an epic space RPG developed by Trese Brothers Games. A panoramic universe lies open before you and being a captain of the spaceship; you are going to explore the entire universe. When the game starts, you see a vast universe ahead, and your task is to examine the universe, fight with the aliens and command your crew while moving your spaceship ahead.

Galactic Map for Star Traders Frontiers


Star Traders Frontiers Salient Features

Let’s discuss some striking features of the Star Traders Frontiers to let you know what you will experience in the game.

You have a chance to explore a massive universe. You move your spaceship carefully ahead while facing the challenges like different satellite encounters your spacecraft. You need to conquer the universe by taking on your enemies. So, foolproof planning and cunning strategies are required to move ahead successfully. Behave like a real captain of the spaceship.

Spaceship controls in Star Traders Frontiers

In the game, you are not only playing the role of a captain, but also a spy, smuggler, explorer, pirate, and many others. If you count the total characters, you are going to play, and they may be 26 in numbers.

The game brings the customization of the spaceship for you. There are more than 350 upgrades for it. Even more, the game brings 45 ship hulls. You can use them to create your vessel to access the farthest corners of the space.

When you start playing the game, you will also be introduced with a variety of people with different qualities. You need to assemble a team with the best qualities and compile your crew to stand with you through thick and thin.

The game brings different modes for you. If you want to play it in classic mode, select it and move ahead to enjoy the classic rogue-like game.

Select the Crew

A lot of achievements and apparatus are locked. You need to unlock them by accomplishing the story. You will have the choices to unlock them as you move on and your points grow.

The game comes with a lot of threats, rumors, updates and war news from the aliens. The mysterious aliens may be preparing for an attack on your galaxy. You have to protect your spaceship from them and keep moving ahead faster.

Star Traders Frontiers File Information

File String Information
File Name Star Traders Frontiers apk
File Size 76MB
Current Version v2.4.89
Operating System Requirements Android 4.1 and Above
License Paid
Language English

How to Download & Install Star Traders Frontiers apk

Star Traders Frontiers is a premium game, and you need to download it by paying the fees. Follow the below steps to download and Install the game in your Android phone.

You need to go to the end of this section and click the option “Download for Android.” The click will redirect you to the Google Play Store where you can find the game.

Since it is a premium game, you need to pay the fees first. Click the “Payment” button on the game’s page in Google Play Store. It will show you a confirmation message. Click the “Price” button once again to show your consent.

On the next page, you will see a few options regarding the payment. You need to select between “Credit Card” and “Debit Card.”

On the next page, provide the required information of your credit/debit card and move ahead.

Once you make the payment, the game will start downloading automatically.

Within a couple of minutes, the installation is over. The installation will also complete automatically. Tap “Open” to launch the game once the installation is over.

How to Download & Install Star Traders Frontiers apk for Windows PC/Mac

If you are playing it on a bigger screen like on Windows PC and Mac the game becomes more exciting. Well, the game is only compatible with Android devices. If you want to play it on Windows PC, you need to follow the instructions below.

You need only one thing to download and install this game on your Windows PC/Laptop, and that is an Android emulator. Android emulator runs the Android games and apps on Windows/Mac platforms. It will transform the Windows platform into an Android-like atmosphere. In this context, I can suggest you use Bluestacks as it is compatible with all versions of Windows. Download it from Here.

Go to the above section and download the Star Traders Frontiers apk from there. Since the file is large, it will take a few minutes to complete the downloading process.

Once it is over, launches the Bluestacks app. Go to the “Downloads” and drag-and-drop the file from there to Bluestacks app drawer.

It will show you the apk in the apps drawer of Bluestacks. Double-click the apk to start the installation.

Once it is over, you will see the game icon in the app drawer of Bluestacks.

Double-click the game to start playing it.

Star Traders Frontiers Tips & Tricks

The main action of a captain is to select the crew that is highly beneficial in the hour of need. When you start choosing your squad, every character will include the characteristics. You need to read the features and then make a selection. Your crew needs every person experienced in different skills. Try to make wise choices while choosing your team.

When you start the game, try to build your template. If you are using a pre-built template of the game, it will not give you access to select a character.

Try to avoid flying spaceship from one planet to the other planet rapidly. Different risks are involved in the movement. While you are traveling through space, there are not only the meteors, radiation waves and other planets moving around, but also some factors to affect your crew’s health. So, be careful while you are flying through space. Don’t shift rapidly from one planet to the other planet.

Keep watching the events predictor continuously as the following disastrous factors keep appearing on it regularly. If there is a decrease in the morale the physical health of your crew, you need to take initiatives for a rapid recovery. Keep an eye on the “heart” icon. It should not come below 60 in any case.

If you have a combat with the aliens, it will not only damage your crew but also harm your morale. So, you need to remain at a distance and avoid frequent combats with the aliens. Concentrate on your primary concern that is to explore the universe.


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