Download and Install Spotify Premium APK on Android

The No. 1 music and video streaming app was launched by Spotify AB on 7th October 2008. Spotify provides you with the DRM-secured music files from various media companies and record labels.

The Spotify premium enables you to discover the latest music and to build the custom playlists. You have access to millions of songs. The latest albums and singles are weekly updated. The list of “Top 50” provides you with the latest smash hits.

It is available in numerous countries of the World without using the VPN service. The account does not expire within a month or two. It is for the lifetime.

The premium version of the app comes with a wide range of alluring features. Below are some prominent features of Spotify Premium.

The app designers have revamped the structure for the mobile phones and desktops to provide you with more attraction.

Shuffle Playlist: The premium version includes the shuffling feature. You can shuffle any playlist and catalogue or any artist. Just select the Shuffle option and have a chill ahead.

Create Personal Playlist: It enables you to create your personal playlist. Select your favorite songs and build a list of your own choice. You can also edit the list according to your preference.

Share Playlist: You can share the playlist with your friends online. It is not available in the free version of the app.

Listen Freely: If you intend to listen to any track offline, just download it and enjoy listening to it offline.  If you want to skip any song, just use the skip option that is available only in the premium version.

Play On-demand Songs: Premium version includes another vital feature that is not included in freemium Spotify. It gives you the freedom to play any on-demand song.

Highest Quality Audio: You experience high-quality audio in all three versions of the app. But the Premium version provides you with the highest quality audio. The audio quality is quite impressive.

Uninterrupted Listening: In the free version, your listening is interrupted by frequently appearing ads. Premium version gets you out of this annoying situation. It brings uninterrupted listening to you. No ads appear while you are listening to your favorite songs.

Radio Tunes: Spotify Radio feature is also accessible in Spotify premium. You can pick your favorite radio tunes from here and can listen to them.

Download Spotify Premium APK here

Spotify Premium apk is available for all Operating Systems including Apple IOS, Android phones, Windows PCs, Linux and Mac OS. You can download the premium version of Spotify for not only the PCs but also for Android phones.

Updated 6 April, 2018.
Installs 123,327,910+.
App Version Latest.
Size 35.00MB.
Android Version 4.1+ (SDK 16).
App Developer Spotify Ltd.
Ratings Rated for 12+.


Precautions for Downloading Spotify APK

Before downloading the premium version of Spotify, you need to uninstall the previously installed version of Spotify from your Android phone. Reboot the phone and then start installing the latest version of Spotify premium.

If you are going to use your Facebook account for Spotify Signup, do not uninstall the Facebook app from your Android phone. Otherwise, the Spotify will not work properly. Just freeze the Facebook app and go ahead to connect to Spotify premium app.

How to Install Spotify Premium APK

First, you to “Enable” the option installation from “Unknown Source” otherwise, the system will not let you install it.

Click the APK file to download it in your Android phone. Once it is over, just tap the APK file to start the installation process.

Click “Next” on the page appear on the screen. Tap “Install” and installation process begins.

Installation Process of Spotify Premium

Once it is over, you will see the Signup page. You need to create an account by using the email ID, password, date of birth and gender information. You can also use the “Facebook Account” to login Spotify.

Signup to Spotify Premium

You will see the account is ready and you can login now.

The Home page shows you a list of tracks from different genres. Select your favorite tracks to build your own list. Enjoy your favorite music for unlimited hours.

Create your own list


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