Snapseed for PC Download for Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1 & 10

Snapseed is a fantastic photo editing tool available for Android and iOS devices. However, the users of Windows and Mac can also use it. It is widely used for editing photos to give an impressive touch to them. It is used to edit the images instantly in a way as the professional people do. You can edit and retouch your photos to make them inspiring for others by using the Snapseed.

Snapseed Striking Features

Let’s have a look at its main features to understand its worth among its entire rival photo editing apps.

  • DNG RAW is undoubtedly the best feature to manage the white balance or exposure of the photos. If there is a shadow in the photo, you can remove it by using the DNG RAW. It is highly valuable for adding highlights in a picture.
  • If you are not satisfied with the images, but you can’t understand the fault, just use Fine-Tune feature for automatic image correction. The brightness, saturation, colour contrast of the image and the in-depth ambiance can be enhanced by using the fine-tuning feature.
  • There are a large number of latest effects to give a new look to your photos including the Focus Effect, Glamour Glow, Color contrast, Drama, HDR Scape, Grunge, Vintage, Grainy Film and many more.
  • Besides the editing feature, it brings a wide range of brush, ambiance and other attractive features for the users.
  • It allows you to edit your Instagram images for a novel presentation before the world.
  • A variety of filters is present here to customize your images according to your mood. Give it a glamorous look if you plan to upload it on a social networking site. If you want to present it in a business portfolio, just retouch your photo with an impressive and sober Noir effect filter. Not enough, there are many other effects filters you can use for this purpose.
  • All the previously used filters are present in the list known as “Filter List” to add more convenience to your photo editing work. You can revise the filter list to delete any of the previously used unwanted filters.

How to Download & Install Snapseed for PC

Here is the Download link for Snapseed. Click the link to start the downloading process. Since the app is in compact size file, it will be downloaded within a couple of minutes.

Now download an Android emulator to your PC. The app is used for Android and iOS devices. So, you need to use an Android emulator that will help run all android apps in Windows PC. Android emulator transforms your PC atmosphere into Android like the atmosphere, and it becomes possible for you to run the Android apps on a bigger screen of PC. I would recommend Bluestacks ( But the choice is yours. If you want to use any other android emulator, download it.

Once, you have downloaded and installed, double click its icon to launch the main section.

Here, drag and drop the “Snapseed” app’s downloaded file into the “Apps Drawer” of Bluestacks.

Now double-click the Snapseed icon to start the installation. It will show you the installation process as if you are installing an app in your Android phone.

One the app is installed, double-click its icon to launch the app. Start using it for photo editing now.

Snapseed for PC Download for Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1 & 10

Download Snapseed [from here]

How to Use Snapseed

It is not an uphill task to use Snapseed at all. It is straightforward to use. For a newbie, I am going to describe a user guide below. Check it to know how to use Snapseed.

To begin with, drag and drop the desired photo in Snapseed. You can also use the “Open Photo” option on the main menu.

It will show you different options like rotate, edit, and add a filter and many others. Select your desired option to start editing your photos.

Once you have done with the editing, click “Save” to save your photos to an easily accessible location in your system.

Snapseed Alternative for PC

Well, if you are unable to download Snapseed for PC or you do not want to use this tool, there are some alternatives you can use. Here is the list.

Polarr Photo Editor

It is a mighty photo editor with amazing tools and features. The simple user interface and free of cost availability of the app add some more attraction to it. It is a good alternative to Snapseed. It is also available for Windows, iOS devices and Mac OS.


This tool is available as a Chrome extension. It is another good alternative of Snapseed photo editing tool, and you can use it for all versions of Windows.

Aviary Photo Editor

It is available on Google Play Store for free. You can download the app. It is available for Android, iOS devices and Windows platform.


  • Q: Can we use Snapseed on Computer?
  • Ans: Of course, you can use Snapseed on your computer/laptop. But the app was initially launched for the Android platform. So, it becomes necessary to use an Android emulator such as Bluestacks, etc. to use Snapseed on the computer.
  • Q: Is there a desktop version of Snapseed?
  • Ans: So far, there is no Snapseed version for desktop. If you want to use it in Windows desktop, you need to use an Android Emulator for this purpose.
  • Q: Is Bluestacks safe for Windows?
  • Ans: it is safe for Windows for sure. It is not risky to use Bluestacks for Windows in any way. It is an Android emulator that transforms your Windows platform into an Android-like platform to run the Android apps.
  • Q: How much does Snapseed cost?
  • Ans: Snapseed is a free tool. You can download it without paying any fees.
  • Q: I have downloaded the tool in Windows when I start editing photos in it, it shows an error message, and the tool shuts automatically. What does it happen?
  • Ans: Since the app is not for the Windows platform, it will create a problem if you try to use it without an Android emulator. Download Bluestacks or any other emulator of your choice. Then open the Snapseed in it. It will work fine.
  • Q: Snapseed is not saving photos after editing. It shows like saving the photos but does not save. Why?
  • Ans: Well! If you are using it on a PC with low storage space, it will show this error. To use it, keep some free space in your PC.


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