How to Download and Install Showbox on Windows PC

Showbox is an app that enables you to play and download the online TV shows and movies. It is available for Android devices only. But luckily, there are some clever ways to install this app on Windows platform. You can install and run the app on your Windows PC and can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.

Here is how you can run this app on Windows PC.

PC Requirements:

You need to fulfil the following requirements to download and play the Showbox on your PC.

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Minimum 2GB space on your Hard Disk
  • Updated audio and video drivers with full compatibility with other hardware of your system.

Phase-1: In the first phase, you need to download and install an Android emulator on your Windows PC. Android Emulator is an app that converts your Windows platform into an Android platform. It runs the Android applications on Windows operating system. There are three Android emulators: Bluestacks, ARC Welder and GenyMotion. You can select according to your preference. Although Bluestacks is the most popular among these three, I will use ARC Welder because it works well with Chrome. But you make your own choice.

Download and Install Showbox using ARC Welder on Windows PC

You need to launch Google Chrome and download “ARC Welder.”

On the top right side, you will see the option “Add to Chrome.” Click this option. It will start checking the system requirements.  It may take a few minutes.

ARC Welder "Add to Chrome" option

Now the option “Add App” appears on the same top right corner. Click this option.

Now go to another tab in Chrome and click “Apps” on the top left corner of the new Window.

Chrome Apps

It will show you the apps list. Select “ARC Welder” from here.

ARC Welder in Chrome Apps Extension

Here appears the Welcome page of ARC Welder. You need to select “Choose” option from here.

Choose Option on ARC Welder Page

It will show you the system drives. Select a location to save ARC Welder file.

Add location

Now it shows you “Add your APK” option.

Phase – 2: Download Showbox

Now you need to download Showbox APK file.

Wait for a while until the download completes. Now click the option “Add your APK” in ARC Welder to test your application.

It will show you “ShowBox” in ARC Welder app. You can change the settings by using the menu appears on the screen. Select “Fullscreen” under the “Form Factor” category and select “Test” at the bottom of the page.

Showbox Settings

Within a few seconds, you will see ShowBox appears on your screen. Yahoo! It is working well.

Fix the Error “WebGL is not supported”

Some users may be encountering the error “WebGL is not supported” while the Showbox is loading. It may be due to a few disabled settings. Enable them and there will be smooth running of Showbox. You can fix the error by following the instructions below.

Open “Chrome” and type “chrom://settings” in the address bar to access Settings.

Here, you need to click “Show Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the Settings page.

Here, under the System category, enable the option “Use hardware acceleration when available.”

Enable Hardware Acceleration

Now go to the address bar and type “chrome://flags” here and press Enter.

Here, you need to turn on the “Override software rendering list” option.

Enable Override Software Rendering

Now go to the address bar and type “chrome://gpu” here. Press Enter.

Here, you need to look for the option “WebGL” in the list. Make sure, it is “Hardware accelerated.”

Now restart the system and enjoy using ShowBox in ARC Welder. It will not show any error.


Q: I am getting confused to make a choice between Arc Welder and Bluestacks. Which one is better?

Ans: Don’t be confused. Let me clarify the difference between both of the apps. Bluestacks is a better choice. It comes with regular updates and latest features. If you are using Chrome browser, Arc Welder works on your Windows PC. If you are using any other browser, use Bluestacks instead of Arc Welder.

Q: I am running Windows XP. Can’t I install Showbox on my Windows PC?

Ans: As I have discussed above, it runs only on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. If you are running Windows XP or Vista, your system is not compatible with Showbox.

Q: I have successfully installed ARC Welder and Showbox. It is showing no error, but the app runs too slow.

Ans: It may be due to a bad network connection. If you are using a fast network connection, it will work speedily.

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  1. When i run Showbox through Arc Welder the app opens but then i get a “check internet connection message”. Have you ran into this before or heard of this issue?

  2. Well Paul! Follow the tricks given below to get rid of “Internet Connection error.”
    First of all run Chrome in Incognito Mode. When your chrome is running in Incognito Mode, it is without apps and extensions. If it works well, it means an extension or app is creating this issue.
    If extensions or apps are creating the issue, just disable the extensions and remove the unnecessary apps from Google Chrome.
    Disable the antivirus and firewall because sometimes they interrupt the ARC Welder internal functioning.
    Remove the Cache and Cookies from Chrome.
    Now restart PC. Hope it works well.

  3. Hello!
    I have successfully installed showbox on my pc computer. Through showboxvpn, you can use it without error in your country!

  4. Thanks a lot for the clean tutorial. ShowBoxMag allows you to download the latest APK versions of the app. Worked perfectly fine for me. You guys might want to test that out.


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