How to Download and Install Showbox on Mac

Showbox is an amazing app specifically designed for Android devices so that you could instantly stream or download the online TV shows, movies and other programs. It is an Android platform application, but some users intend to use it on Mac operating system. Well, no worries! There are a few possible way outs to use this cross-platform app on Mac.

Just follow a few steps below to install and run the app on your Mac operating system and watch your favorite content when and where you like. Here is how to download and install Showbox on Apple computer.

As the ShowBox is an Android app, it is necessary to download and install an Android emulator on your MacBook. Without it, you are unable to run this app on Mac. Android Emulator will transform your Mac platform into an Android platform to run this app. There are three Android emulators available for this purpose: ARC Welder, Bluestacks and GenyMotion. I will guide you to use ShowBox by using ARC Welder. Bluestacks is very popular, but my preference is always ARC Welder because it runs well on Google Chrome. If you are not using Chrome browser, you can select GenyMotion or Bluestacks. Let’s begin the guide.

Download and Run Showbox on Mac by Using ARC Welder

Open Google Chrome and click Here to download “ARC Welder.”

On the top right side of Chrome, the option “Add to Chrome” appears. Select this option. The app will start checking the system requirements.  This process will take a couple of minutes.

ARC Welder "Add to Chrome" option

Now select the option “Add App” that appears to the top right corner of Chrome.

Now, launch another tab in Chrome browser. In the top left corner, there appears an icon “Apps”. Click to expand it.

It will show you the list of Apps extensions added to Chrome. You will notice “ARC Welder” also lies here. Click its icon to move ahead.

It pops up the ARC Welder window with “Choose” option at the bottom. You need to select this option.

Choose Option on ARC Welder Page

It will show you the system drives. Select a location on any drive to save ARC Welder file.

Now return to the ARC Welder page, where you will see “Add your APK” option.

Download Showbox APK

Now Android Emulator is ready. You need to add the APK file to it. Click Here to download Showbox APK.

The downloading process takes a few minutes to complete. So, have some patience. Once it is over, click the option “Add your APK” in ARC Welder. It will test the ShowBox application.

Once you click this option, the “ShowBox” app appears in ARC Welder. It shows you some settings to view ShowBox menu. You can modify the settings according to your preference. Select “Fullscreen” under the “Form Factor” category and change the view from portrait to landscape if you prefer. Finally, hit the “Test” option at the bottom of the page.

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Wait for a while until the ShowBox Homepage appears on the screen. Wow! You have done a great job.

ShowBox Homepage

Note: If your app is running slowly, it means you are using a slower internet connection.


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