How to Install Showbox on Chromebook

Showbox is an app to stream online movies, serials and TV shows and to download them in HD quality to watch offline. Initially, it was designed for Android devices only. Later, due to its immense popularity, the latest versions of Showbox came for Apple devices, Windows and Smart TVs.

The users who do not have Android device can install the app on their Chromebook to watch their favorite movies and shows on their laptops. Among all the browsers, Google is the safest to install the Chromebook apps.

Here, I am going to share an easy method on how to install Showbox on Chromebook for the users of Chromebook.

Do you know about an emulator? Android Emulator is an app that converts the Windows platform into an Android platform and every Android app works on Windows laptop and PC smoothly.

So guys! First, you need to install an Android emulator on your Chromebook. There are numerous famous emulators including ARC Welder and Bluestacks. Bluestacks is highly renowned, but I will prefer ARC Welder that works perfectly with Chromebook.

Click Here to install Android Emulator ARC Welder.

Have some patience as the process takes a few minutes. Once it is over, on the top right corner you will see a tab “Add to Chrome.” Click this option to install it.

Open another tab in Google Chrome and see “Apps” icon in the left top corner of the window. Click this icon to show all of the Chrome apps.

Chrome Apps

Select “ARC Welder” icon from the list of the apps appears on the page.

ARC Welder in Chrome Apps Extension

It launches ARC Welder. Here, you will notice an option “Add your APK” where you need to add the Showbox APK.

ARC Welder Add APK

The next phase explains how to install Showbox in it.

Now, you need to install “Showbox.”

Once the downloading is over, click “Add your APK” on ARC Welder Home Page. Select the Showbox APK file from downloads.

It shows the Settings menu for Showbox display. You need to change the settings according to your preference and select “Open” at the bottom.

It will launch Showbox Home Page. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies in your Chromebook. It works finely in HD print.

That’s all buddies! Now it is your turn to leave your feedback in the comments.

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