Download Showbox App/Apk for Android and other Devices

Showbox is one of the most amazing application that allows you to watch your favorite movies and television shows. This application is of tremendous benefit! Nowadays, we all are busy in our routine, and quite often it happens that we miss our favorite movie or a TV show. Thanks to this free application that never let us miss any of our favorite shows. It simply makes entertainment available for you whenever you want.


The best thing about it is that it lets you enjoy “unlimited” movies and TV shows without the need to signup. This app is absolutely free to download for all platforms, and there are no hidden charges. It simply sources and streams the content from multiple online sources. You can find nearly any movie inside this application and watch it absolutely free. Showbox is available for Android, iPhone, Windows and MAC users.

Let’s start the guide to install it.

Download and Install Showbox Apk for Android

Showbox Apk for Android

If you are using an android device, then before installation download Showbox apk from below given direct download links for free.

Once the file is downloaded successfully, follow the below steps for installing it on your Android device.

Installation Instructions for Android

1: In your Android device, hover to Settings > Security and finally tap on Unknown Services. Most of the android devices have the Unknown Services option in the location as mentioned above, but it may differ. Still it is easy to find it!

Unknown Services

2: Now you need to download Showbox apk in your Android device, yes read it carefully, ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE. Download it from the below links.

Important Note: You can download the APK on your computer too and you can manually move it to downloads or any other folder of your Android device, to do this connect your device to the PC and open the desired location in the device and copy and paste it. But this method will take a few more minutes.

3: After successful download, directly open the apk file by clicking on it in the download folder or you can go to the download location manually i.e. in your SD card or internal phone storage. The location of the downloaded apk depends on your device or its settings.

4: Now tap on the “Install” button and it will start installing the apk just like any Android app, after a few seconds it will be installed successfully, open it and enjoy it on your Android device.

Installation confirmation

Cheers! you’re done installing it on Android Device.






Showbox for Windows and Mac

Though the method works for Windows 7, 8 and 10, but the screenshots are from Windows 10. I’m assuming that by now all of the users would have upgraded to Windows 10.

However, to run this app on your PC, you first need an android emulator. There are tons of emulators out there on the Internet, but the best of them is Bluestacks emulator and it works perfectly.

So, if you are getting bored watching movies and TV shows on the small screen, then below is a step-by-step method of downloading Showbox app on your computer with the help of Bluestacks emulator.

Installation Instructions for Windows and MAC

1. Firstly download the Bluestacks emulator. This emulator is over 200MB+ in size and may take some time to download. Once it is downloaded, install it on your computer just as you install any other software.

Installing Bluestacks

2. Next you have to download the Showbox APK file. Download apk from above links.

3. Once the APK file is downloaded, go to the Downloads folder or where it is located. Next right-click on the APK file, Open With and click on “Install with Bluestacks APK Installer”.

Install with Bluestacks APK Installer

4. Bluestacks will automatically install the app. Once the application is installed, open the Bluestacks software.

Installing APK

5. Inside the Bluestacks emulator, click on All Apps and here you can see the Showbox android app that we just downloaded and installed.

If you’re facing this error message “INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK” while installing APK then first download this “PackageFileInvalidIssueResolver” APK from here, install it on your bluestacks emulator by using the same method given above and run it on Bluestacks, after that try installing again showbox’s apk file, it will get installed easily.

Download Showbox or MoviesBox APK on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Showbox is also known as MovieBox app for iOS devices and it’s also not available in the app store so I have found a method to download and install it on iDevices. But you must have a jailbroken iOS device to install it.Showbox for iPhone, iPad and iPod TouchHow to Install on iDevices?

1: Make sure you have a jailbroken iDevice, go to Cydia store and then tap on “Manage” available at the bottom of the screen. And then tap on the 2nd available option of “Sources”. Basically, we are first going to add an app store that contains MovieBox app in it.

Adding Source in Cydia

2: After tapping on sources, you will see the list of installed sources on your iDevice. Tap on the “Edit” button that is available on top right of the screen. Now tap on “Add” button on the top left of the same screen and it will ask for URL of the store. Put this in the empty field and tap on “Add Source” and further choose “Add anyway”.

Installing Appcake on iOS

3: Now get back to Cydia’s home and tap on the search button and type Appcake in it. From the search results choose “Appcake” and now choose “Confirm” and it will install the appcake store for free iOS apps.

Appcake Installed in Cydia

4: Now you can see Appcake’s icon on your home screen of iDevice, it’s just like another app store for your device. Open it and search MovieBox in the store and from the searched apps, install Moviebox and cheers you’re done installing it on your iDevice.

The Good Part

Movies, video clips and TV shows that are streamed by Showbox are of high definition and perfect quality. Moreover, all of the content that is being streamed over your device remains highly secured, and there are no chances for any malware to infect your device.

Furthermore, it is absolutely free to download, and the live streaming is extremely fast. You won’t have to wait for the video to load. The interface is quite intuitive and user-friendly. Even if you are using it for the first time you won’t be needing any technical support to use its features.

All you require is to download the app, install it and start using it right away without doing anything further. This app also lets you find your favorite movie from the search option. Whether you are searching for old movies or the latest ones, it has it all for you in a single place.

Also, you can download the movies and TV shows, and watch them offline later on.

The Bad Part

It has not been officially released for OS X platform, so Bluestacks Android emulator is the only way possible to enjoy the movies on big screen. Although it is absolutely free, still you may see a few ads while watching your movies. However, this doesn’t create any distraction at all.

So fellow readers, that was all about the Showbox Application. Do let us know how much you love this app after using its features. If you are facing any issues leave them in comments and we’ll get back to you in the least time possible.

You can install showbox almost on any device, below are related guides that will help you to install.

Showbox App


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