How to Fix Remote Desktop Connection has Stopped Working Error

The Windows 10 users who are using the Remote Desktop feature seldom encounter the problem “remote desktop connection is not working anymore”. You will notice that it occurs so sudden even that you did not make any changes in the configuration and still you get this error. There may be several causes behind the scene. That’s why it is unavoidable to discuss all of them to fix this problem.

Remote Desktop Connection has Stopped Working

General Verification

First, you should make sure that the remote computer you are trying to access is available to the network.

Ensure that the desired system is not turned off because you cannot connect if it is turned off.

The feature “Remote Access” should be enabled.

If all of the above general things are verified and there is nothing wrong, you should determine the actual reason behind this error and try to fix it by using the following methods.

[Fixed] Remote Desktop Connection has Stopped Working

1). Disable AutoLogin by Using Registry Editor

If none of those mentioned above techniques work for you, just use the registry editor to disable autologin, and that will make this annoying situation disappear.

Go to the “Search” bar and type “Regedit.” Once you see it in search results, click to open it.
Regedit in Search barNow you will see Registry Editor window where in the left pane you will see a few options. You need to select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

HKEY Local machineIt will reveal all of its folders before you. Now select “SOFTWARE” from the list to view its content.

SOFTWARE categoryNow look for “Microsoft” and select it as you get.

Microsoft folderIn the sub-folders, you should search for “Windows” folder that lies at the bottom of the parents folder as the list goes down alphabetically.

Windows folderNow look for “CurrentVersion” that can also be found alphabetically.

CurrentVersion folderGo to the “Authentication” folder.

Authentication folderNow select here “LogonUI” to view its content. As you see “UserSwitch”, click to edit it.
LogonUI and UserSwitch folderIn the right pane, you will see “Enabled” that needs to be edit. You should click this option and set it “Disable” and its value should be zero.

Disable edit DWORDClick “OK” to save changes.

Now you will see this error no more. You can establish a smooth connection with the remote desktop without disturbance.

2). Remove the Most Recently Installed Apps

You should be careful about installing the apps because there may be any app that could corrupt the feature of remote desktop access. If you have encountered this problem and you have recently installed some apps in the system, you should remove all of them from the computer to access the remote computer. For example FL Studio is an app that is used for music production, but it can damage the connection between your system and the remote desktop. When you install FL Studio, it will install vorbis.acm to your system in Windows files, and it creates this annoying situation.

You need to check C:\Windows\System32 and look there for vorbis.acm file. If it exists there, you should rename it as “vorbis.acm.old” so that it could not damage the system anymore.

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3). Audio Playback in Settings

You will notice that when you open the settings of Remote Desktop Connection, the audio playback settings are active by default for the remote computer. You need to disable these settings so that it could not damage a connection.

Go to “Search” bar and type “Remote Desktop Connection” and press Enter.
Remote Desktop Connection in Search bar

You will see a window with “Show Options” link at the bottom. Just select this link to open all of the options.
Show optionsNow click “Local Resources” tab that lies at the top of the window. You will see the first category appears here is “Remote Audio”. Click its “Settings” tab to open the options.

Local resourcesNow you will see playback options where you have to select “Do not Play” radio button and click “OK.”
Remote Audio playbackThat’s all guys. Now you need to reboot the system and try to connect to the remote computer again. This time, it won’t let you disappointed.

4). Uncheck Printers Option in Remote Desktop Connection

If your connection with remote computer crashes again and again even after using all of the above-discussed techniques, you should uncheck the Printers option.

Go to Remote Desktop Connection by using the “Search” bar. You will see its window where at the bottom of the screen there is a category “Local Devices and Resources.” You will see “Printers” option under it, and you will notice that this option is by default marked. Just uncheck this option and click “OK” to apply changes.
Disable printersThat’s it. Now start connecting to the remote system that will response for sure.


5). Rename Bitmapped Images

The last solution you can use to resolve this issue is to back up the previously used bitmap images. When you continuously establish the remote connection with a system having the same setup, the “Terminal Server Client” in your system saves the copy of its images.

For this, press “Windows + R” keys to open “Run” dialog box. Type here the following path “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache.”

You will find here some bitmap files that should be renamed as “.bmc.old.” Now try to connect again.