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The game Reigns: Game of Thrones is inspired by HBO’s hit show and undoubtedly follows the same royal setting. Nerial developed the game with the partnership of HBO and Devolver Digital launched it on 18 October 2018. It is available not only for Android devices but also for other platforms such as Mac, Linux, Windows and iOS devices.

While playing the game, you become a part of the Westeros kingdom. Being a ruler of seven states, you decide the fate of the people. Here, you have only one choice “Swipe ‘em up.” In the game, you face different questions to strengthen and weaken four factors of your throne. You need to swipe left or right to accept or reject the proposal. So, the queries will highly influence your wealth, military strength, popularity, and religious favor.

Royal Iron Throne

Salient Features of Reigns: Game of Thrones

The game includes some new characters just like the real ones such as Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister and many more.  As you proceed in the game, your increasing points keep unlocking these characters. These characters add more spice in the game to make you more enthusiastic.

Swiping to one of the two sides, you decide the fate of every king and queen among the seven kingdoms. So, you have the power to change the world. It makes you feel the most powerful among the seven kingdoms.

Besides the main game, there are some mini-games you can play to change your taste. Being the most powerful king of seven states, you can enjoy jousting and even tavern brawls. These mini-games will surely please you more while you are enjoying Reigns: Game of Thrones.

Rule Over Seven Kingdoms

In other sequels of the game, you were facing almost the same situation time and again. Repeatedly, the same story continues. But, in this sequel, you enjoy new and novel adventures. You find no repeated situation. So, on every step, you are going to face a new challenge and a new situation. It makes your game more interesting and you keep playing it for hours.

High-Quality Soundtrack makes the game more addictive. The music creates realistic effects and makes you more enthusiastic to enjoy the game. So, you become more excited while deciding the fate of Westeros.

File Information

File String Information
File Name Reigns: Game of Thrones
File Size 99MB
Latest Version v1.09
Developer DevolverDigital
Operating System Requirements Android 4.4 and Above
License Paid

How to Download & Install Reigns: Game of Thrones apk

It is very easy to download the game. Since you are going to download the game from Google Play, you do not need to enable the option “Unknown Sources” in your phone’s settings.

Here is the link to get into the Google Play where the game lies.

Once you got it, tap the “Download” option given on the screen.

The file is bulky. So, it takes a bit of time in downloading.

Once the download is over, tap the apk file and select the option “Install” from the screen. You need to wait until it finishes the installation process.

It will be over within a couple of minutes and you will get the notification that your game is ready to launch.

Tap the option “Open” to launch the game. If it does not appear, go to the Home Page of your mobile and tap the game icon to launch it.

Beginners’ Guide (Tips & Cheats)

Unfortunately, there is no guide for the beginners in the game they could go through before sitting on the throne. I am going here to give some useful tips for the beginners so that they could make points easily.

The foremost thing to remember in the game is that you need to keep a natural balance in four key factors. These factors are State Public, Wealth, Church and your Military Powers. You need to take every decision wisely to keep them balanced. If something imbalances, you lose the game. Be rational while making a choice and be wise while taking a decision. That’s what you require in the entire game.

Be careful in swiping to the left or right. Once you have taken a decision, you can’t move back. So, be attentive while playing the game. You should pay more attention to the bigger dots. Pay less attention to the usual dots as the bigger dots greatly influence your decisions. When you are making a decision, these dots will provide you with a hint whether the decision is going to affect which factor. However, it will not explain if the effect will be positive or negative.

Nine Supportive Characters

Your decisions are very important to enhance your wealth and power. So, think for a while before swiping left or right. You should not decide abruptly to accept or reject the conditions. Think calmly and then decide what to do next. Your strategies are very important. That’s why think like a ruler, not as a player.

Not all of your decisions are always right. That’s what you need to consider. Being a beginner, you may make some wrong decisions. That’s ok and there is nothing to worry about. Go ahead with a better perception of the situation and see where your decisions are affecting negatively to any of the four aspects of your kingdoms.

You need to reach 25 moons in the game successfully. With the above-discussed requirements, you need to unlock the eight characters. First of all, you should try to unlock Daenerys Targaryen. She is the mother of dragons. It can support your adventure from the beginning of the game. Then you should move towards the other characters. Keep in mind the number of cards you are possessing. It is very important. Do not play blindly like a fool. The only thing you need here is patience and time. It becomes more challenging to attempt time and again to unlock the characters. However, after a few fruitless attempts, you will understand the strategy for unlocking them.

If you are confused while taking a decision, you need to keep holding the card. Now, see the factions where you will see a circle around one of them. It shows you the impact of your decision on the circled faction. In this way, you can understand which faction will be affected. Keep them balanced as I have stated above.


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