Download Redbox TV apk for Android, Windows, Mac & iPhone

When it comes to select the best online TV app for Android, a few names appear, and Redbox TV is at the top of them. You will be amazed that why Redbox TV is at the top of the list. Simply, it is because of the unique features of the app. Not believing? You will surely believe once you go through the brilliant feature of the app.

Redbox app for Android

Salient Features of Redbox TV

Let’s start diving into the salient features of Redbox TV.

To begin, a lot of channels is the most distinguished feature of the app. Yes! The app brings a lot of TV channels for you. Not only for you, but also for your kids, parents, and spouse. It provides the channels from more than 15 countries of the world. The app brings more than 1000 TV channels in various categories under the countries list. While living in any part of the world, you will love watching your favorite sports, science, news and many other TV channels from all over the world. There is a long list of live TV channels to entertain the taste of everybody at your home.

The high-quality audio and video make your TV watching experience on an Android phone more pleasant and interesting. The clarity of the display can be seen in the screenshot below. I have taken it to show you how clearer is the display.

High-Quality Display

Even more, the app streams the live channels with the lowest buffering and without lags. If you are facing buffering, it means the internet connection you are using is of poor strength.

Another important point, it supports a wide range of external players. If you do not want to use the default player, select your desired player from the list and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

So many features in one TV app may make you conscious to know the subscription fee of the Redbox TV app. For your amazement, there is no subscription fee for this fantastic app. Shocked? Yes, it is true. You can watch all of your favorite TV channels without paying any fees.

Redbox Categories

Even more, it is very simple to use due to a user-friendly interface. There is no need for any signup. You need to download the app and straightforwardly start using it.

Last but not the least, the favorite feature of the app is handy for the people who want to want the same TV channels time and again. Let say! You are fond of watching news or your kids are fond of watching a particular cartoon TV channel on. Add the said channel in the Favorite list and make it directly accessible without going through the entire list of TV channels.

File Information

File String Information
File Name Redbox TV
File Size 2.8MB
Latest Version v1.0
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Redbox TV apk

You can download this amazing app by following a few simple steps given below.

Tap the “Download for Android” option at the bottom of this section. It starts downloading the Redbox TV apk.

Go to the “Downloads” section and tap the link of the apk file. It shows “Install” option. Select this option to start the installation process.

Once the installation is completed, tap the option “Open” to launch the app.

That’s it, guys. It is so simple to use the app. Start navigating through the categories and enjoy watching your favorite live TV channels.

How to Get Redbox TV app for Windows PC

If you want to use the app on Windows PC, just follow the instructions below to download and install it on a PC/laptop running on Windows platform.

Since the app is for Android phones you cannot run the app on a Windows PC without using an Android emulator. It is a kind of software that makes the Android apk compatible for the Windows PC. In plain words, it transforms the Windows platform into an Android-like atmosphere where you can play any Android app or game on Windows PC. The best Android emulator so far is Bluestacks. You can download it from Here.

Click the downloaded file and install it by using the on-screen instructions.

Now, download the Redbox TV apk by using the button “Download for Android” in the above section. It takes a few seconds in downloading due to a compact sized file.

Open the Bluestacks app. Drag and drop the Redbox TV apk into the Bluestacks’s app drawer. It shows the apk file icon here.

Double-click the Redbox TV icon to start its installation. It takes no time to complete the installation process.

When the installation is over, you will see the option “Open” at the bottom of the screen. Click this option to launch the app. Here, you will see the list of categories of the channels. But the talk is not over yet.

Now download “XYZ Media Player” from a trusted site. It is important because the app streams most of the channels with this player only.

Once you get the media player, you can tap any channel of your choice to open it. You will see a couple of ads before the app stream your favorite TV channel. Now you need to select a media player from the list that could stream your video. It takes no time in playing your desired live TV channel.

Note: If you want to use it on a Mac, follow the same method I have mentioned for Windows PC to download and install the app on Mac.

How to Get Redbox TV app for iOS Devices

Redbox TV app is not only available for Android users, but also for the users of iOS devices. You can find this app on the iTunes. Follow the instructions below to get it on iOS devices.

Go to the iTunes and type “Redbox” in the Search bar. It shows you the app in the search results.

Tap the “Redbox” icon to start the downloading process.

Once the downloading of the app is over, tap the downloaded file to start the installation.

You need to select the option “Install” appears on the next page. It takes a couple of minutes to complete the installation process.

Now, your app is ready to use. Tap the option “Open” to launch it. You can go through explore your favorite TV channels as you like.


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