How to Create Recovery Drive in Windows 10

Previously, laptops or PCs had Windows 7 or 8 already installed in them. Not only installed, but also the hard drive had a Recovery Disk of the Windows installed on the system.

However, presently, nearly all users have upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1 to 10. The problem is, your system only has the recovery disk of the older version of Windows, not the new Windows 10. So, if you trash your system anytime in future and want to reinstall Windows, you’ll only have the older version of Windows i.e 7 or 8.

Under such circumstances, you must have some media or a recovery disk to avoid up-gradation process again and again. Even worse, after a year, you won’t be able to even do that. This means a complete loss of your important data.

However, you can create a recovery disk in Windows 10 by follow the below step-by-step guide

Guide to Create Repair Disk in Windows 10

1: Firstly type “Create a Recovery Drive” in the search bar from the taskbar. From the displayed results tap on “Create Recovery Drive” options. If prompted by UAC, click YES.

create recovery drive

2: From the “Recovery Drive” window, ensure that “Backup system files to the recovery drive” is checked. After that click Next.

recovery drive window


3: Now connect a USB drive, and select it. After that click Next>Create. It can take an hour or more as a lot of files are to be copied to the recovery drive.

4: Once the recovery disk is successfully created, you will see an option to “Delete the recovery partition from your PC” link. You can delete it to free up some space, but we recommend to keep it.

5: Finally click Finish, and you are done.

Store the USB drive in a safe place. Now, you can always recover your Windows whenever there is an unexpected system failure. Let us know if you were successful in creating the recovery disk.

IMPORTANT: A lot of users who create a recovery disk, but they don’t keep their USB drive safe. Your efforts of making a recovery disk would be flushed away if you don’t store your USB drive at a safe place where it won’t get lost, misplaced or damaged. I have total of 3 USB drives, each having a recovery disk stored in it. And each one of them is stored in 3 different places. In this way, if any one of them is misplaced, i still have 2 others.

Do leave your feedback in comments, and let Pingzic know about any issues that you faced during the entire recovery disk process.