How to Fix “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” Error in Windows

When you see the error message “Reboot and select proper boot device” on the screen, it clearly shows that there is an error in the BIOS. When the BIOS of your system has any issue due to any reason, it cannot detect the system’s drive. It even cannot detect any bootable device in the system. So, it shows this error message. It is not specific to one operating system.

It can occur in Windows 7, 8 or 10 or may be any other version of operating system. Let me explain this error a bit. The operating system exists on the Hard Drive, and a chip is installed on the motherboard of your PC is known as “BIOS Chip.”

When you boot the system, the BIOS Chip starts the operating system and runs it with the help of Boot Volume. When the BIOS cannot recognize the OS drive, it shows a message “Reboot and select proper boot device.”

If you are connecting a bootable USB flash drive and your system shows this error, it means your flash drive is not functioning well. That’s why it is showing the error. So, you need to disconnect it from the system. Wait for a few minutes and then reconnect it to another port.

If you have bought a new system and you encounter this error on that, it means there may be no OS exists on it. You need to install an operating system on it. Sometimes, you see face this problem when you install an SSD or new Hard Drive to your system. There may be an error in the new Hard drive you are trying to install.

If you see this error frequently, it means you need to use the following fixes to get rid of this grim issue. If you encounter this problem, no worries.

Precautions to Follow Before Going Ahead

If you have connected any USB flash drive with the system, just disconnect it. Make sure the DVD/CD-ROM is empty, and it does not contain any CD or DVD. Moreover, you do not have any floppy disk in its drive. When you connect the external drive with the system, these devices can show the error. So, before going ahead, please remove all of the above-discussed drives from the system.

Well, guys! Without much ado, let’s move towards the guide to see what techniques I have brought for you guys to get you out of this grim BIOS error.

1. Check Boot Order (Most Working Solution)

You need to follow the instructions below to check the boot order in the operating system so that it could fix the error.

Reboot the system. Keep pressing F8 to enter BIOS menu. (If you are using Windows 10, you will use the F8 key. If you are using Windows 7 or 8, the key depends on the operating system. When you reboot the system, the key option appears on the screen. Just press that key quickly).

Select the “Boot” tab and modify the hard drive’s list and the boot arrangement now.

Here press the necessary key to save these settings. Now reboot the system once again and log in to your account in Standard mode.

I am sure it will take you out of the intractable problem, and you will see it no more.

2. Check Hard Disk

You need to check the hard disk for any possible failure. If there is any problem with the hard disk drive, it can cause the error “Reboot and select proper boot device” in your system. So, use a third-party tool to check the hard disk drive. This tool is known as “Easy Recovery Essentials.” When you run its Automated Repair, the tool scans the Hard Disk drive and detects the issues with the hard disk quickly. It also recognizes the RAM failure problems.

Click Here to download it.

Once you have downloaded the tool, you need to launch it. Here, click the option “Automated Repair” and select the “Continue” option. Now, wait for a while until the process goes to an end. If there is any error in the Hard Disk or RAM, it will show you finally.

3. Check RAM

You need to test the RAM. The dust mites on the RAM can result in a slower computer system. So, you need to clean the RAM properly. Take a piece of soft cloth and clean the RAM with it mildly. Now boot the system and see if the error is fixed.

4. Check the Power Supply Cable

Sometimes, you see the error, if the power supply cable is damaged. If you did not connect it properly, it would show you the error message. So, you need to check the power supply cable. Remove it from your system and attach it to another system. Check if it is working properly. If it shows the error on the second system too, it means you need to replace the power supply cable.

5. Update SATA and RAID Drivers

If the drivers related to SATA or RAID, it can cause this problem. So, you need to update the said drivers. For this purpose, go to the manufacturer’s website. Here, you need to look for the “Support” section where you will find the “Downloads” option. Select the latest drivers and download them.

If you do not want to follow this time-consuming process, just download “Driver Easy” tool. It detects the missing or corrupted drivers and updates them one followed by the other. You do not need to take pains in this context. Just download the tool and scan the drivers. Once it detects the impaired drivers, update them with a single click. Click Here to download it.

Driver Easy HomePage

6. Reinstall Windows

If none of the above-discussed fixes is fruitful for you, just reinstall Windows. It is the last solution for the error “Reboot and select proper boot device.” By reinstalling Windows, you will get rid of this annoying error.



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