Download Top 20 Best Rainmeter Skins for Desktop

If your Windows’s screen looks simple and casual, give it a stylish look by adding Rainmeter skin to it. It will finish the monotonous look of the desktop. You can customize your desktop to give it a more stylish and attractive look. It will be all to all new and modern.

Rainmeter is an open-source utility for Windows for desktop customization. The project for this app was started in 2001 and the developer of “Rainlendar”, Kimmo ‘Rainy’ Pekkola laid the foundations for this app. The users can use Rainmeter to create customizable desktop widgets. These widgets or applets are known as “skins”.

Commonly, the rainmeter app is used in creating desktop clocks, weather widgets, audio players and many more things.

Rainmeter is written in C++ and C# for add-ons. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

It is one of the most widely used apps to create widgets. The app is available in 32 languages of the world.

Let’s have a look at what type of skins Rainmeter brings for the users.

Best Rainmeter Skins

1. ASTROClock 2.0

Astroclock for rainmeter

It appears in the form of an analog clock and shows the entire circle of day and night. It also displays the position of the moon and sun for the current 24 hours. It is a very stylish and new applet that gives an entirely modern look to your desktop.

2. TinyWeather

Rainmeter skin tinyweather

It is an amazing skin that comes with two variants: day and night background. The skin shows the weather forecast for the next four days according to the weather reports by Foreca. You can customize the app according to your preference.

3. NovaWeather

nova weather widget

It is also available in two variants including day and night. The skin displays the weather forecast for the upcoming 8 days according to the weather reports by Foreca. The skin is available in two languages: English and French.

4. All in One

All in One Widget

It is available in 9 major languages of the world including English, French, German, Russian and some more. You can customize the size of all icons, colors and even the shapes of the icons. All in One brings 5 bookmarks, Calendar, CPU usage, HDD, RAM, Processor, Folders, Player, Slideshow, SWAP, Time and top process.

5. Sonder Rainmeter

Sonder for rainmeter

This skin brings a classic analog clock at the center of the desktop screen. It shows the sunrise, sunset, the length of a day and night along with the time. Furthermore, the calendar and weather forecast are also displayed on it. The beautifully build skin makes your desktop catchier.

6. Circle Launcher

Circle launcher for desktop

Some skins bring a variety of features. Circle Launcher is such a skin. It brings your music player, Dropbox, weather and many more widgets in one skin. You can organize the stuff according to your desire.

7. Dashboard Rainmeter

dashboard in rainmeter

It is another entirely new rainmeter skin that changes your desktop outlook altogether. It displays calendar, weather, time, day and night spans and many more widgets in one skin. The skin is available in English.

8. DIGI Daynightclock

digi daynightclock for rainmeter

As the title suggests, it shows the local time, sunrise, sunset, the day and night span of your current location. You can customize the brightness and day and night variants. This simple and stylish skin is available in the English language.

9. Rainformer

rainformer for rainmeter

Rainformer skin brings all technical information such as Sync, Settings, Recycle Bin, GPU, CPU, Power Plan, Network and much more. The skin is available in English.

10. Elementar

elementar for rainmeter

Elementar brings the date, day and time for you in two beautiful and crystal color variants. It includes media, social networks, and some other useful bookmarks. The skin is available in English.

11. Fallout

Fallout for rainmeter

Fallout is a meme of Fallout game and brings very interesting gadgets in one skin. It displays the data, time, temperature, weather forecast and some technical information about PC. On the top, you will see the weather forecast and on the bottom of the skin, you will see CPU, RAM, and PWR.

12. Flat and Blurry

Flat and Blurry skin

Are you bored of using traditional skins? Here is an entirely new and stylish skin for your desktop. It shows time, media player, battery consumption, weather, and some other useful details. The skin is fully customizable.

13. Honeycomb

honeycomb for rainmeter

Honeycomb brings all your favorite apps and programs in molecular form. The stylish molecular form is fully customizable. The background is available in two variants day-night and full bright day. You can select any of them.

14. Lines 2.0

Lines for rainmeter

Lines brings all-important technical details on your desktop. The app lets you know what is happening with your CPU, RAM, GPU TEMP, WLAN, power and other functions. The features, size, and display are customizable.

15. Live Followers for Twitch

rainmeter skin

It shows live followers of your favorite game such as League of Legends or MapleStory. You can check the live updates from the game server. It is customizable and available in English.

16. Market Prices

Market Prices skin for rainmeter

This unique skin is particularly for the business people who are related to financial markets. The skin shows the current index of the financial market to let you know the latest updates. You can check the current position of top-rated stock markets. It is customizable. You can add your desired financial market to it.

17. MemoDijays

memo dijays for rainmeter

The widget brings a date, time, temperature, weather forecast, your SMS details and day and night spans at one place. The beautiful background makes the skin more special.

18. Flyaway Rainmeter

Flyaway skin

Flyaway comes with circle bookmarks, custom clock, and date in classical style, extra Drives, HD, Power Toy, Processes and other details in a unique way. It gives a marvelous look to your desktop.

19. Rainmeter Panel

Rainmeter Panel Skin

The panel comes with complete information of processor, CPU, RAM, Swap, C drive, Volume, calendar and weather conditions.

20. May Desktop

May Desktop for rainmeter

May Desktop gives a stylish look to your desktop and displays the date, time, CPU, RAM and other details at one place. However, the technical details are customizable. You can add C: Drive, GPU or some other icons to it.


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