Download Racing Fever apk: Moto (MOD and Unlimited Money)

Racing Fever is another exciting GBA racing game and Racing Fever: Moto is another sequel of the Racing Fever released in 2005 for the racing games lovers. The game starts with an enthusiasm to win. There are sixteen cool racing Motorcycles to select from. At the beginning of the game, you are given a super Motorcycle to win the competition.

As you move ahead and your score increases, you can unlock five other super Motorcycles. Keep winning on the realistic racing tracks and tour the world. When you see the checkered flag, and you have to compete with three other Moto to reach it first, the competition becomes more interesting. You win the award of the fastest man in the world once you win the game.

16 Super Moto for Riding

Racing Fever: Moto Salient Features

There are four different camera angles you can use in the game to view where your Motorcycle is moving. The camera angles also help increase your control.

The game contains four different regions where the racing tracks are like the real ones. The effect of seasons on these racing tracks is so real that you could never imagine that you are playing a game. It seems that you are taking part in the real race.

Racing Fever: Moto for Android and Windows

This exciting sequel of the Racing Fever supports 23 major languages of the world. If you want to download the game in your native language, it is possible for sure.

The Racing Fever: Moto comes with three different modes, i.e., Daily Bonus Mode, Private Mode, and Escape Mode. So, you have plenty of choices. If you play in the Escape mode, it comes with some speed limits at various places. The Daily Bonus Mode brings valuable gifts for you daily. So, if you want to play the game regularly, it is the best mode for you to win different prizes. The Private Mode comes with varying conditions of weather and dense traffic around you. The fluctuating speed and flow of the race with an increased number of cops will give you a thrilling feeling.

The game is free to download from Google Play Store, but the in-app purchases require virtual or real money.

Racing Tracks in 4 Regions of World

Racing Fever: Moto File Information

File String Information
File Name Racing Fever: Moto apk
File Size 97.6MB
Operating System Requirements Android 4.0.3 and Above
Latest Version v1.4.12
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Racing Fever: Moto apk

It is not a hard nut to crack to download and install the game in Android device. The game is also available on Google Play Store. If you want to download the apk of the game from here, follow the steps below.

Go to the bottom of this section and tap the option “Download for Android” to start the downloading process.

Since the file is bulky, it will take a few minutes to complete the downloading.

(Make sure you have “Enabled” the “Unknown Sources” option in Security category of the Settings in your phone. If this option is still “Disabled,” it will not let you install any apk from an online source other than Google Play Store)

Now, tap the apk file and select “Install” from the bottom of the page. It will start the installation of the game.

You will see the option “Open” once the installation ends up. Select this option to move ahead.

Here is your game. Enter your name and age in the given fields and select the motorcycle you want to ride on. Enjoy the game.

Racing Fever: Moto Mod apk

The MOD version of the Racing Fever: Moto allows you to change the rider. If you do not want to take part in the riding competition, you can be a supporter of your friend. So, the MOD version of Moto allows you to ride the bike as a first or third person. The game also includes the Storyline Mode. The mesmerizing scenes, beautiful graphics and of course the unlimited money will drag your attention. The unlimited money will be highly beneficial if you want to unlock five other bikes. It also gets a chance for you to participate in the international racing competitions.

Racing Fever: Moto Mod apk File Information

File String Information
File Name Racing Fever: Moto MOD apk
File Size 97.9MB
Operating System Requirements Android 4.0.3 and Above
Latest Version v1.4.14
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Racing Fever: Moto MOD apk

You will see the button “Download Racing Fever: Moto MOD apk.” Tap this option to start the downloading of the game.

It may take a few minutes. (If you are using a slower network connection, you may need to make a few attempts to download it).

Once the game is downloaded, Tap the apk file to view the “Install” option. Select it once it appears.

The installation process gets over within a couple of minutes, and you will see the “Open” option finally. Select it to enter the game. Set your age and name to start a thrilling race.

Racing Fever: Moto Download for PC

If you do not want to play the game on a smaller screen, i.e., on an Android phone, you can try it on your Windows PC/Laptop. Although the game supports only Android devices, you can still download and install it on Windows PC/Laptop. Here is how to get it for PC.

You need to download an Android Emulator for this purpose. It will change the Windows Platform into an Android-like platform. So, you would be able to run the Android games and apps on a Windows PC. Well, there are many Android Emulators for this purpose. You can use “Bluestacks” for better performance. It is compatible with Google Chrome and all versions of Windows.

Once you download the Android Emulator, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to install it in your Windows PC.

Now, download the Racing Fever: Moto apk from the above section.

Go to the Android Emulator and drag-and-drop the apk file of the game into the App Drawer of the Android Emulator.

Double-click the file and select “Install” from the menu. It will start the installation process as if you are installing it on an Android phone.

Once the installation is over, select “Open” to launch the game.

Racing Fever: Moto Play Online

If you want to play this addictive game online, here is the link.

Play Online Racing Fever: Moto

To control the game, follow the instructions below.

Arrow Keys:  Right, Left, Back and Forward movements

Space: Select your Super Motorcycle

Enter: Start the race

Z key: “a” button

X Key: “b” button

S Key: “r” button

A key: “l” button

If you want to save your records in the game, hover the mouse on the emulator given here. It will highlight the Down and Up arrows. Use them to save your records. If you press the Down arrow icon on the emulator screen, it will keep the records. Pressing the up arrow will load it.


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