Download Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Apk – Mod for Unlimited Money

The Pokemon comes with another majestic Magikarp Jump sequel for the players. The fans of Pokemon will be surely well-versed with the Magikarp who is a timid fish. But this time the game is all about the Magikarp that evolves into a grand Gyarados dragon. When the game begins, a task is given to you.

You will grow and train the Magikarp and make it a fish to jump the highest hurdle. There are many other fishes in the area, and you are the sole trainer of Magikarp. Make it the dreadful Gyarados dragon by training perfectly. When the game starts, you will see the Magikarp and a Jump Power Index that records the powerful jumping of the fish. Make the Magikarp jump while keeping an eye on the index to know how much higher is jump?

Highest Jump of Magikarp

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Salient Features

This exciting game brings a unique task for you, i.e., to nurture, train and make ready to Magikarp for the highest jumps.

The high jump competitions in the game make the game more interesting.

When you have trained your Magikarp, you will also manage its fight with other Magikarps. It is an exciting contest where two sea creatures are facing each other.

Once you have finished the training, another adventure is waiting for you. You will face conflict. Here, you have to choose whether you want to select “Play Safe” or risk Magikarp.

Magikarp Jump for Android

The controls of the game are simple and easy to manage. So, you can continue training and nurturing the Magikarp unto many generations.

The game gives you the opportunity to discover different types of Magikarp. They include polka dotted Magikarp, Calico, and many other types.

Pokemon is your assistant in the game to help you nurturing and raising your Magikarp. It appears on the screen to assist you in different tasks.

The pond, where you are raising the Magikarp is customizable. You can customize its settings, color, and even the shape. You can decorate it in your way.

While purchasing in-app items, you need a faster network connection. If the connectivity is poor, you cannot purchase anything, and it will corrupt your data. So, make sure, your network is speedy.

Feed the Magikarp to Raise the Power

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump File Information

File String Information
File Name Pokemon: Magikarp Jump apk
File Size 88.1MB
Operating System Requirements Android 4.1 and Above
Latest Version v1.3.6
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Pokemon: Magikarp Jump apk

You can download and install the Pokemon: Magikarp Jump from Google Play Store. However, if you want to get its apk for your Android device, follow the instructions below.

Move to the end of the section where you will see an option “Download for Android.” Tap this option to download the apk file of the game.

It takes a couple of minutes to download the apk file.

Now, go to the “Settings” of your phone. Select the “Security” category and go to the “Unknown Sources” option. Tap to “Enable” this option. If it is disabled, it will not let you install the game in this device.

Now go to the “Downloads” and tap the apk file of the game to select “Install.”

It will show you the Terms and Conditions page. Here, you need to select the “I Agree” option to move ahead.

Once the game is installed, you will see the confirmation message on the screen with the “Open” option. Select it to launch the game.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump MOD apk

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump allows you to face the challenges and enjoy the adventure of catching the giant and rare carp. However, the MOD version of the game brings a lot of eases for you. You can fish with a large number of facilities to catch all types of Magikarp. Even the stronger and rare generations are no exception. The Pokemon: Magikarp Jump comes with the training assistance. It also improves your skills and assists you in the fighting. It is also highly beneficial when your Magikarp is going to take part in the jumping tournament.  The MOD version of the game brings unlimited money for in-app purchases.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump MOD apk File Information

File String Information
File Name Pokemon: Magikarp Jump MOD apk
File Size 87.8MB
Operating System Requirements Android 4.1 and Above
Latest Version v1.3.3
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Pokemon: Magikarp Jump MOD apk

Below is the option “Download Pokemon: Magikarp Jump MOD apk” to download and install the MOD version of the game. Click the button to start the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it to your Android phone.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Guide

Magikarp Jump is an addictive game but throws a lot of challenges towards you too. If you are a beginner, you cannot train your Magikarp successfully. You have to play the game for some times to become a skillful trainer. So, here is Pokemon: Magikarp Jump guide that will be highly beneficial for you.

The main purpose in the game is to get enough points to win the Jump Power. So, you need to feed and train your Magikarp for the league matches. These league matches can be a good way to provide you with the Jump Power.

At the beginning of the game, you have to catch a Magikarp to train it for High Jump competitions. Don’t try to train the first one you catch. You will see that you have some Diamonds in your wallet. Throw these diamonds into the pond to get a powerful Magikarp.

Use Pokemon’s assistance to train the Magikarp for jumping competitions. The frequent use of assistant will not lessen your scores. So, keep using the Pokemon as your assistant in training Magikarp.

You need to upgrade the sandbag Slam immediately. It is necessary before your Magikarp appears in the competition.

If you upgrade the number of berries you are feeding to Magikarp, it will raise the Jumping Power in it very quickly. Feed it up with the berries at least single berry in one feed before the practice of High Jump.

You will see there are five levels of achievements. You need to keep them checking continuously. Whenever there is an easy task, complete it at once to raise the points.

When you are decorating the pond, it will raise your points immediately. So, check which decoration raises more points and then add to it to your pond. Buy some decorations from the shop. It will help you grow Magikarp.

There are some events when you can get high points or bonuses. So, be ready for such events and take part in them to win more score.


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