Sonos Playbase Review 2017 – Take your TV’s Sound to the Next Level

Being an audiophile I was always in a confusion of choosing between those bars and bases.

Thanks to the SONOS PLAYBASE speaker that is just on the verge of being released this year that helped me make a better decision. This PLAYBASE offers great sound, compact design and is a perfect ‘décor complementing’ room gadget. It’s already been featured on Hard Avenue, and is a great soundbase that comfortably sits beneath your TV, delivering an exceptional sound quality.

Playbase Sonos for TV

The company has been around since 2002 with each of their accessories are backed by extensive research and this is what makes them great.

This soundbase is about to be released in the first week of April, three years after they introduced their first ever soundbar, and undoubtedly it’s a killer one. Let me tell you more about it.


The SONOS PLAYBASE is the first ever soundbase introduced by SONOS and is a perfect replacement to those in-built, not so good and clear, flat-screen speakers. Even though there have been different base speakers in the market already, and isn’t a very flashy category. However, having a brand like SONOS in the action, you should expect nothing but quality and great features.

Knowing that more than two-third of the TV’s aren’t wall-mounted, the company saw an opportunity and invented this great product.

Features & Specifications

This PLAYBASE is 28-inches wide and 2.28 inches tall, which makes it the thinnest speaker the company has ever made. Moreover, this compact design makes it perfect to sit underneath large flat-screens.

It gives a great and pleasurable experience. Not only does it fit smartly underneath the TV, it also delivers a punchy and crystal clear sound with an incredible bass. This makes it perfect to compliment with gaming systems.

What makes it a must have product is the better sound quality. Based upon the test results, it performed better than the SONOS playbar, needless to say, major improvements have been done. It’s just like having a home theater component that bounces sound off the walls, giving a surround sound effect.

Talking about its drivers, they are six of them, midrange, with three tweeters, including a woofer to feed the bass. There is a S-tube that not only adds more weight to the bass but also helps in cooling the components inside.

The control configuration is great and minimalist aesthetic. Drivers have small holes that help exhaust the bass.

Overall, we have heard most of the positives about SONOS PLAYBEASE SPEAKER. Performance wise, it’s outstanding and comes at a very reasonable price.

However, a technical problem, the company is trying to overcome is its ability to support the TV securely so that it doesn’t vibrate. The company says it can easily support TVs of up to 75lbs.

Other features include Trueplay technology, which is company’s private software and helps to make the most of your soundbase. It gives more expanse to the sound with great woofer effects.

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All I can say is, brace yourselves guys, the SONOS PLAYBASE is coming this April 4th with a very competitive price and a killer sound quality that’s going to blow you away.