How to Play YouTube Videos in Android Background

Usually, you want to listen to your favorite song in leisure and want nobody to disturb you. At times, you are busy in hearing songs on YouTube on your Android with closed eyes and a notification beep for email or message rings. Now the situation becomes a bit annoying because you want to check email/message while the music is going on. But you can’t do so because when you tap the message or email to view it, YouTube video will stop playing.

If you enjoy listening to your favorite music on YouTube, you can’t check email, or even you cannot open any other application on your Android device. Well! it is the situation that prevails commonly. But you should cheer up now as I am going to discuss with you the solution to your problem. I have two very easy ways for playing YouTube videos in Android background. Here they are.

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Method #1: AudioPocket

AudioPocket is a third-party app available in Google Play. If you want to play YouTube videos in the background on your Android phone or tablet, you should download it from Google Play.
Here is how to use it for YouTube videos in minimized way.

Download the application from Google Play.
AudioPocket appOpen YouTube and play your favorite video song on it.
YouTube Android appOnce you tap the video screen, it will show you “Share” button just like an arrow as shown in the image below. Tap this button to use the share option.
Share Button on YouTube videoNow you will see some applications appear below the song screen. Select “AudioPocket” from them.
Share with AudioPocket appYou will see that the menu of “AudioPocket” appears on the screen of your Android device. It contains a tab “History.” Select this tab to confirm whether it contains your selected YouTube song or not.
History Tab in AudioPocket appNow you will see the “History” content where your song lies. It will start playing, and you can minimize it to continue sending or receiving messages, emails or using other applications on your Android phone.
History Menu Showing songIf you want to stop the song or want to forward it, you just need to come to the “Home Screen” of your phone and swipe downwards. It will show you the functional buttons for your song. Use according to your choice.
Stop and Pause Options for song
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Method #2: By Installing Mozilla FireFox
Download Mozilla FireFox browser
Mozilla FireFox enables you to play YouTube videos in the background. If you are currently using Mozilla FireFox browser on your Android phone, you do not need to install any third-party app. Just open Mozilla browser and go to YouTube website.
YouTube in Mozilla FireFox BrowserYou will see the settings menu on the top right corner of the site. It is like three vertical dots. Just tap this icon to view the options. You will see “Request Desktop Site” option that is your required option. Just select it.
Settings Menu for Desktop YouTube siteNow you will view the desktop version of YouTube.
Desktop YouTube siteGo to the “Search” and type your favorite song or artist name. As you get your required result, tap on it.
Search for songNow the requested song is shown on the list. Just tap to play it.
Selection of songOnce it is played, you can minimize the screen and continue to keep working on other apps of your phone without bothering for your favorite video being stopped or what.
Song Played in Mozilla FireFox browserAlthough, there are many other tricks you can follow in this context including the installation of some third-party apps, I always prefer using these techniques. I have used the methods discussed above, and these are quite safe and easy to use. Even a layman can use them easily. There is nothing technical about them. Moreover, there is no disadvantage of using these methods. So, if you want to use any other method, go ahead. But use it on your own responsibility.

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