Top 10 Online Cool Math Games for Kids

Online games can be considered the best thing to kill the time for kids and the kids would surely play their favorite games, it will make them more intelligent. What if you like for them Math games to make them good in maths. It can be greatly helpful to set up a good base in maths for the kids because it is a general trend that the kids are normally weak in solving mathematical problems and sums. This is how, they can study maths while playing games. It will not make them realize that studying maths is a boring task. Let’s have a view of top online math games.

Puzzle Game

One of the groovy math games, where your kid can learn the concept of multiplication. It can help your kid to learn tables and thus, to complete the puzzle by using his brain. What he has to do is to complete a picture by putting the accurate piece of the picture to the right box where the accurate answer of the given question is written. He will read the table and place the piece of the picture to complete it.

Puzzle Games

Penguin Jumps

Another dandy math game for kids, who are weak in multiplication. It can polish their ability to learn tables quickly. Your kid will find the multiplication question behind penguin and he has to jump on the right block where the accurate answer is given. In this way, the kids can learn the math tables more effectively to perform the complicated multiplications further.

Penguin Jump

Shapes Inlay

This is how the kids can learn how to differentiate between shapes in maths. They have to place different mathematical shapes appearing on the bottom of the window. It can increase the ability of recognizing shapes and placing them to the spot that is perfect for them. The kids will get points for placing each shape and thus, they can learn the basic maths while playing games.


Don’t Cross the Line

The game is for the kids of kindergarten and toddlers to make them understand the general idea of drawing a line. They are given a specific time and within that time, they will unchain the digit appears on the screen. They have to remove the lines in an accurate way. If they do so by crossing the line, it will be considered as cheating.

Dont Cross the Line


A nifty mathematical game about angles in Geometry can make your kids bang-up in Geometry. It can give a boost to their abilities. What they have to do is to recognize the right angle that is given to them. They will be engaged in doing it and the concept of drawing angles is easily understandable for them.



For nursery kids, it can be greatly helpful in counting. It can encourage them to show their flair in counting as the counting builds the base of mathematics. If your kid is in play group, he should play this game for some time in a day for a good practice of counting from 1-10 and then further.


Dot to Dot Puzzle

Another superb game for the kids, who are weak in counting. It is a puzzle game where your kid has to join the numbers to complete the picture. If he joins the right points to one another, the picture completes. Thus, by playing this game, they will be practicing counting.

Dot to Dot Puzzle

Identify Shapes

A brilliant game for the kids of nursery and grade 1 to understand the concept of different mathematical shapes. A shape appears on the screen and some options are given too. Your kid has to recognize it whether it is a cube, cone, circle or cylinder. He has to click the right one. It can be practiced to clear the concept of geometrical shapes.

Identify Shapes

Tell The Time

An awesome and unique game for the kids who are weak in telling the time. It can be used to practice telling the time. Your kid has to recognize the accurate time on the clock and then click the correct option given below. It is good for your kid to learn to tell the time while playing the game instead of considering it burdensome part of his studies.

Tell Time

Blast Off

Undoubtedly, the first concept after counting, the kids learn, is “Addition”. So, don’t worry if your kid is fallible in addition. He should try this game out to learn to add different digits effectively. He would be surely skillful in addition after playing this game for a few days.
If you’re a parent and want us to include your kid’s favorite game about mathematics then let us know because it will help us to add useful information on this page.