Download Odin3 for Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 [32/64 Bit]

For a newbie, let me explain what the Odin is? Samsung created a tool to flash an Android phone and even to root it. So, Odin3 performs two essential functions. It roots a Samsung device, and it flashes its memory too. The tool allows you to flash and overwrite the system files. You can install any version of Android OS to your phone by using it. Once you have rooted your device, you are all in all to do any experiment with your phone.

Who Can Use Odin3?

Samsung has released Odin3 to flash and root the Samsung devices, and this time, the company did not release it for consumers. It is purely for Samsung and its approved repair centers. So, All the versions available online are for the repair centers and the end-users to repair their phones/tablets. A newbie should not try to use this tool without complete information.

How Does Odin3 Work?

When you download this tool to your system and apply it, the tool installs a custom kernel on your phone that gives you rooting access. However, you get a caution as using the kernels can damage the Smartphone you are going to experiment with. So, guys, it is highly beneficial for the users who want to test with their phone and want to change the custom settings according to their desire. The tool is entirely compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10(32-bit and 64-bit).

Download Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin works well with all Samsung Android phones and tablets. You can use it on Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S8, etc.

How to Use Odin3

Here is a complete guide on how to use Odin3 to root and flash a Samsung phone. You can use it but be very careful about using the guide. If you are going to use the tool for the very first time, I recommend you to read the guide twice or for more times to understand every point. A large number of Samsung enthusiasts have used the tool safely, and there was nothing wrong with them. But the risk still involves So, be careful while using it. Let’s start the guide.


Before you move ahead to the guide, make sure you want to use the tool seriously. If you use it, it will change the bootloader settings of your phone, and it will show that the built-in system is modified. So, it will be harmful to the Warranty of your device. We are not responsible for any harm to your device. You solely are responsible for every action.

Secondly, you need to download the “Samsung USB drivers” to your PC.  Otherwise, your device will not interact with the PC. You can download the USB driver for your device from Samsung official website.

Enable the “USB Debugging Mode” on your phone in Developer’s Option. Go to the “Settings” of the phone. In the Applications category, you will see “Development” option. Here, you need to tap “USB Debugging” option to enable it. In the latest Samsung phones, you can use the following path; Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging.


You require a few things to start the process. Here they are.

You need a Samsung phone/tablet, a Windows PC/laptop and a USB cable that could connect the phone with the PC.


First, you need to download the tool. Make sure; you have downloaded the right version of the tool from the site. Download it in Windows PC and save it to a particular destination that is easily accessible. Make sure you have an active antivirus tool in your Windows PC to avoid any problem.

Once you have downloaded the tool, turn your Samsung device off and reboot in the “Download mode.” You can use “Power+Home+Volume Down” button in the older phones. Keep pressing the combination of buttons for a few seconds. In the latest devices, you need to press “Power+Boxby button+Volume Down” keys together for five seconds.

Now, connect the Samsung device with the Windows PC.

Open the Odin3 tool. On the main page, you will see a particular number in the ID: COM field. If you can’t get this number there, you need to look for a Samsung driver for your phone.

Here are four buttons on the main page:

BL (bootloader)

AP (Android partition)

CP (the modern firmware)

CSC (Consumer software customization)

You need to press every button and select a file with extension “.md5” from here. Make sure you have selected the right file in all the fields. Now select the “Start” to begin the process. It will take a few minutes in loading the files. If you are using “USB 2.0” to connect the phone with the Windows PC, it may take some more time. So, you need to keep waiting until the process gets over.

Once, you see the process is finished; an option “RESET” appears here. Select this option and wait again.

It will reboot your phone, and you will load the new software into it.


  • Q: I can’t find “Download Mode” on my phone. How to make it visible?
  • Ans: Well, you need to switch it off and take off the battery for about 30 seconds. Now press the “Volume Down+Home+Power keys together. It will show you the “Download Mode.”
  • In older Samsung devices, you can adopt another technique. Take off the battery and re-insert it. Now keep the mobile off and connect the charger to it while pressing the “Volume Down” key. It will launch the “Download Mode” for you.
  • Q: Odin3 is not working with my device. Is something wrong with the phone?
  • Ans: Make sure you have downloaded the tool from a trusted site. There may be an issue with the USB port. So, connect the USB cable into another port.
  • Q: I am stuck in the process and it is showing the “AP” file is not correct. What to do now?
  • Ans: You need to run the Odin tool as an Administrator to avoid such troubles. Make sure; you have downloaded the latest version of AP file.


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