How to Fix “Mobile Network Not Available” Error on Android

It is obviously a grim situation for you when you face “Mobile Network Not Available” issue while trying to call your mates time and again. The error mostly occurs in Samsung Galaxy series(Especially S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, S7 and S7 Edge) and it’s a famous mobile network related issue that is caused by OS malfunctioning. It is quite frustrating and you can’t help going out of it. Luckily! There are some handy solutions to fix this error. Most probably, you face this error while using Samsung Galaxy phones, but the users of other Android devices also complain for having the same issue often. Here is how you can fix this error.

Fix “Mobile Network Not Available" error

Easy Methods to Fix Mobile Network Error

Note: The below methods are the most worked ways and we’ve gathered them after testing them on different devices. We don’t know the actual problem with your device so shared these ways that generally work for most of the devices.

1. Playing with Sim and Battery [Most Working Trick]

If the SIM card is not placed correctly, it may be another cause of the issue “error while searching for network” See below instructions and apply them carefully.

  • Tap the “Settings” icon.
  • Here, select “Mobile Networks” from the menu.
  • As soon as you navigate to the Mobile Networks, you need to keep pressing the “Power” and “Home” button together until your phone switches off.
  • Now, remove the battery from your device.
  • While the phone is without battery, press the “Power” and “Home” buttons together and repeat this process at least ten times.
  • Now, press and hold both of these buttons (Power and Home) for two minutes to empty your device from the static charge.
  • Insert the battery back to phone now.
  • Boot the SIM card in your phone and do not put the back casing.
  • Now you need to insert and remove the SIM card at least three times while your device is turned on.
  • You will see the instruction to restart your Android phone.
  • Now restart it, and you will see the error does not exist anymore.

If your Android has non-detachable battery then follow the other methods given below.

2. Choose Cellular Network Manually – See Below Instructions

If you face this issue, just repeat the network selection process once again to avoid it for the next time.

Open “Settings” menu.
Settings Menu

Look for “Wireless and Networks” category where you have to tap the option “More”.
More category

Now select “Mobile Networks”.
Mobile Networks Option

Click “Network Operators” and select “Manual”. Once you have done with it, restart your Android phone to get rid of this issue. Yes! Now it is working well.
Network Operators OptionSimilar error: How to Fix Not Registered on Network Error in Android

3. Fixing Improper Radio Signals Broadcasting

Sometimes you face this error because your Android phone broadcasts improper radio signals. To fix the issue just follow the below mentioned instructions.

Dial *#*#4636#*#* from your Android phone.
Dial code

There will appear a “Testing Menu”. Select “Phone Information” from the category.
Phone Information category

Now an option “Run Ping Test” will appear on the screen. Tap this option.
Run Ping test

Scroll down the page where you will see a drop down menu. Tap this menu to show its options. Now click “GSM Auto (PRL).
GSM Auto PRL option

Below will be the option “Turn Radio Off”. Select it and reboot your phone to work it effectively. Now you will get rid of the problem for sure.
Turn Off radio

4. Displacement of SIM Card

Sometimes your SIM card is not properly placed and you face no mobile network issue. To solve it, you should switch off your phone and remove battery and your SIM card. Now wait for at least five minutes and then place them again carefully. Switch on your mobile and see if it works well now.

5. AirPlane Mode

The users of Samsung Galaxy S5 often face this problem. They should enable the “Airplane Mode” on their devices. Then wait for a few seconds and disable “Airplane Mode” once again.
AirPlane off The reason behind doing this is sometimes your S5 is on a silent Airplane mode and it does not show on the screen. So, when you enable and disable it again, you will see all of the notifications and updates will start appearing on the screen as if they were blocked by Airplane Mode. Now your phone will be working well without this issue.

6. Boost Signal Strength of Your Android Phone

If none of the above discussed methods work for you, just try a third-party app to boost the signal strength of your phone’s network.

A freeware “Network Signal Speed Booster” is available on Google Play and it can do what you cannot imagine.
Signal Booster appIt can strengthen the signals of your phone’s network and you can get rid of the problem “Network Not Available” in no time.
Network Signal Speed booster

7. Enable Roaming

Whenever you are out of the network coverage area, you would face this issue while calling or sending messages. If it is so, make sure you have enabled your mobile network roaming service.

Open “Settings” menu.
Settings Menu

Under “Wireless & Network” category, there will be an option “More.” Select it to see its menu.
More category

Now select “Mobile Networks”.
Mobile Networks Option

Enable the option “Data Roaming” to fix this issue.
Data Roaming enabled

Advance Methods: In case the above ones don’t work for you

8. Fix Firmware Problem

 Occasionally it is due to the firmware problem. When you update the firmware, it is automatically fixed. So what you need to do is to update your software.

Tap “Settings” and look for the option “About Phone” that lies at the bottom of the list usually.
About phone

Select “System Updates” to update your phone’s system.
System updates

If there are some updates available, you need to install and then reboot your phone. There will be no issue of “cellular network not available”.
Checking for updates

9. Factory Data Reset

 When no method is working well and you are still facing the same issue, another option you can try is to use “Factory Data Reset.”

Tap “Settings” and look for the category “Backup and Reset”.
Backup & Reset category

Once you get it, tap the option “Factory Data Reset” that lies at the bottom of the list usually. Once you have selected this option, wait for a while until it erases all data of the phone and reboots itself. Now it is for sure that this issue exists no more.
Factory Data Reset

10. Fix for Verizon Users

Verizon users face this issue because of their wrong APN configurations, they can simply follow the below steps and can update their APN settings to resolve this issue.

Go to settings and tap on “More”, now tap on “Mobile Networks”.

Mobile Networks Configuration

Under this tab select “Access Point Names” and then choose your default “Verizon” saved configurations and fill the fields with given below details.

Access Point Names

Name Verizon
APN internet
Proxy Default
Port Default
Username Default
Password Default
Server blank
MMS Proxy blank
MMS Port 80
MCC 310
MNC 012
Authentication type not set
APN Type internet + mms
APN Protocol: Default
Bearer Default

Edit Access PointSave configurations and you’re done.


Q: I have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I am facing the error “Mobile Network Not Available.” How can I resolve the issue?

Ans: This error usually occurs in Samsung Galaxy phone series. You need to remove the battery and SIM card and insert them after a few minutes. It will surely work for Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Q: My Samsung Galaxy S5 does not work often and I get this error frequently. Quite stuck and baffled after trying all of the above mentioned methods, but in vain. What to do now?

Ans: If you have tried all methods and no one is working well for you. Just try to replace your phone’s battery. If you can spend $40 on buying a new battery that will work for sure for Galaxy S5.

Q: I have Galaxy S3. On inserting my SIM card in SIM slot, it shows a message that no SIM is found and “Not registered on network”. Please help me.

Ans: It seems you need to check your IMEI number. It shows that you have a nulled IMEI and you can verify it by dialing *#06# from dialer. If your IMEI number appears as “0000” or anonymous, you need to remove this issue by using an appropriate method.

Updated FAQs

Q: I am using Samsung galaxy trend and I have problem with my mob network. It is not showing any network.

Ans: You should follow “Power Recycling” method given below.

Switch off your phone. Remove the battery and SIM card. Install the battery and switch it on. Now switch your phone off again after a few minutes. Remove the battery, re-insert SIM card. Re-install the battery and switch your mobile phone on once again. I am sure it will work for you in Trend series mobile phones. It looks weird but works finely with Trend series mobile phones.

Q: My mobile network connects for a few seconds and then disconnects. Earlier it was working well.

Ans: It may be due to a conflict with any app you have recently installed. You should try “Factory Reset” method to get rid of this problem.

Q: My Moto E does not show “WIFI” and “Network Connections” options enabled.

Ans: It is may be due to software you downloaded from online resources or may be due to a bug. So, you should try “Factory Reset” method and Power Recycling mentioned above. Moreover, it will also not work if your Moto E is on Roaming.

Q: I use Verizon and still no method is working for my cell phone.

Ans: You should update APN settings in your mobile phone. In Verizon, this problem occurs due to an error in APN settings.

Verizon APN Settings

Name: Verizon

APN: Internet

Proxy: Not Set

Port: Not Set

Username: Not Set

Password: Not Set

Server: Not Set


MMS Proxy: Not Set

MMS port: 80

MCC: 310

MNC: 012

Authentication Type: Not Set

APN type: Not Set

APN Protocol: Default

Bearer: Not Set

You can comment below to get solution to your problem related to this topic, we’ll try our best to add your query’s solution in this guide.

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  8. Well as for the RADIO PROBLEM in my MOTO Z PLAY I put it in recovery mode (down volume+power) and then connected in PC I run ADB commands “fastboot erase momemst1” then (as for a dual SIM phone) “fastboot erase momemst2” and then “fastboot reboot”. After rebooting cmand everything worked fine.

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