5 Best Kat.cr Alternatives

Kickass Torrent (Kat.cr) was one of the world’s most popular file-sharing website. However, the demolition of the site on July 2016 gave a huge shock to the world. Though the owner, Artem Vaulin, was arrested in Poland for charges to commit criminal copyright infringement, whatsoever; we all loved it but its demise seemed to snatch away all those movies, TV shows, games, books, music and applications from us.

Well, to your good, we have compiled a list of 5 best Kat.cr Alternatives. They have all your favorite torrent files you need and are probably the best in tech industry.

So, let’s explore them.



Not the original Kat.cr but it uses similar interface and design. The functionality is pretty much the same as that of Kat.cr. However, we’ve noticed a few changes. Like the tag cloud on top that was absent in the original Kat.cr site. It has all Torrent files you need. You can easily download videos, books, movies, 18+ stuff and games. You’ll have the torrent file downloaded the same way. You need a torrent client to start the download process.



Another great torrent sharing platform very much similar to Kickass.to. It contains all the content that you need. Just type in the search bar, hit the enter button and you’ll have the best torrents available with maximum seeds. New movies, games, music, books, ebooks and top notch stuff comes first here. What’s best about TORLOCK is most of their torrents have maximum seeders, which means fast download.



Never miss your favorite movie again. YIFY movies have a plethora of latest movies with high quality display. Though there are other sites similar to YIFY, to get your authentic torrent file, you should visit their official site. Just browse the movie name in the search box, or go through the list of latest ones on available on the homepage.



Not a new one but a popular one though and perhaps the oldest torrents site available. It’s well-known for millions of videos and movies that are available throughout the world. Just type in what you need in the search box, hit the enter button and you’ll have the link in no time.


How can we forget the beast?


Many of you have already visited this place. It’s in fact the best alternative to satisfy your entertainment needs. It has millions of torrent files to download. You can search for audio, videos, applications, software, adult stuff, games, movies, dramas and much more. However, your search has to be precise and exact to land on your destination file. Best of all, the site automatically ranks the best torrents according to the numbers of seeders.

Final Words

So, did you like our list of top kat.cr alternatives? Let us know which ones you use in the comment section. We’ll be glad to add them to our list.

Disclaimer: All of the above data is only for informational purposes, we do not promote or endorse any of these in any manner.