My iPhone Won’t Charge Problem [Fixed]

If you are holding an iOS device, it does not mean that you will never face any problem regarding it. Technology is never flawless whether it is costly or cheap. Same is the case with iPhone. Some users of iPhone often complain that their iPhone won’t charge. If you are one of them who face this problem, just join me.

Here, I would like to explain a common misunderstanding of the users of iPhone regarding the charging and the battery replacement. Usually, when your iPhone doesn’t charge, the people around suggest you change the battery that is absolutely a wrong advice. Astonished!

Let me explain it in detail. Just imagine the scene! You plug in the switch to the socket, and the other end is connected to the lower edge of the iPhone. Even there is no direct connection between the charging port and the battery. When you plug in the charger to the iPhone, it is the software, not the hardware that decides to charge the battery. So guys! If the iPhone won’t charge, it is useless to replace the battery, and I would never suggest you do that. The hardware is not creating a problem. In fact, the problem is with the software. Now, I am going to discuss some useful methods to fix the problem.

Note: The information is gathered by one of my friend named “Usman” who is owner of Mr Wireless shop and he has more than 5 years of experience in fixing iDevices, so you can trust this information and some of the methods need iPhone specific tools and massive knowledge of iDevices, so I’d not share and recommend you to do those things, better to go to any shop and ask the technical expert to solve the issue.


Method #1: Hard Reset iPhone (Most Working Solution)

To be honest hard reset has nothing to do with this issue but it’s a machine so we can’t trust what its software is doing wrong. Basically, the “hard reset” resets the iOS software without removing any data, but your iPhone must be on to do that. If your iPhone is powered off then it’s not going to work for you.

1: To do this just press “Power and Home buttons” until you see the Apple logo and your phone will restart.

iPhone 6 Hard Reset (Power and Home buttons)

2: Now connect and check if charging has started or not.

Method #2: Analyse your iPhone Cable and Wall Outlet

iPhone Cable

There are two types of problems with iPhone’s cable and wall outlet, first is when the cable is damaged and second, it’s not genuine, by genuine I mean it’s not manufactured by Apple, then it could also be the reason of malfunctioning. You can try a different cable or wall outlet or you can connect your old accessories(Current ones) with any other iPhone but make sure you test them with same model of iPhone, because not all cables work with all iDevices.

Method #3: Charging Port Issue

If another cable doesn’t work then it could be battery or charging port issue, you can’t do anything except cleaning it, and if cleaning doesn’t work then you have to take your iPhone to the repair shop.

Method #4: Rebooting may fix it

If your battery isn’t dead and iPhone is still on then immediately restart it and see if it starts detecting charger or not. It’s not a healthy solution but you can give it a try.

Method #5: Battery Problem

I talked to my friend and he told that he checks the battery by opening the screws available at the bottom of the iPhone but I’d never ever recommend you doing this because it will devalue(Market price will decrease) your iPhone. The best option is to take it to the repair shop and let them fix it for you, if you’re going to try it yourself, you might face other issues.

Method #6: Clean the Charging Port

This is the most common fix that fixes more than 70% iPhones by cleaning the charging port. Most of the time it’s because of dust or anything like that which blocks the charging port and the charging cable/bit doesn’t get into the hole properly so it stops the charging process. So let’s start cleaning the charging port:

1:  Find a sim card tray remover or a tweezer(If tray remover isn’t available).

sim card tray remover

2: Softly start cleaning the port and don’t push the tool hardly, otherwise it will damage the port and you could face some serious damage.

3: Put flashlight on the port and see if it’s cleaned or any particles are still there.

Charging port iPhone 6

If it’s clean then put the charging cable again and see if it starts charging or not.