How to Get Best Nine (Pictures and Videos) of any Instagram Account

It is quite ambiguous when someone says “I know how to do Instagram Best Nine”. If you are a frequent visitor of Instagram, you would be familiar with the concept of the “Best Nine”. For a newbie, it is actually to collect the best styles, you have posted in the previous 365 days. Let say! If you have posted more than 300 photos and videos and all of them were mostly liked by the public on Instagram, you will get the best nine of all of your 300 photos by using “Best Nine app”.

It does not only work for your posts, but also for the posts of your followers. Occasionally, you are keen to get the best nine images of your favorite celebrities displayed in the previous 365 days. You can easily get the best pictures of your favorite stars in no time. This feature is very useful for you if you are using Instagram for the promotion and marketing of your products. You will get a deep analysis of the choice of the public and next time you will be clearer-headed while posting more photos and videos of your products.

You can do it in two ways, and both of the ways have been discussed here.

For Windows Users

It is an online resource that can be used to get analysis about your best nine pictures in the previous year. You should bear in mind that you can check every profile that is not “Private.”

Click Here to open the website. Here you will see a “Search Bar”. Add your Instagram username and click “Get”.

BestNine appIt will show you the best nine photos among all of the posts you made in previous year.
Best Nines of Salesoye.pKNow you can check the best nine photos of your competitors by putting the username in the search bar to make a deep analysis so that you can make your promotional activities better.

For Android Users

If you are using an Android device, you should visit Google Play to find the app known as “Nine”.

Click Here to get this app.

Nine appWhen you have installed it, you need to login by using your Instagram username and password.

It will show you the best nine snaps in 3 x 3 size from all of your followers.
Best Nines of followersYou can “Like” or “Ignore” by using the buttons below the photos.
like or ignoreIf there are good matches, it will show you promptly. You can directly chat with them or can send them messages later.