How to Wear Earbuds – The Definitive Guide

Ever wondered why your earbuds keep on falling despite you’ve spent a minute to fix them…?

How to Wear Earbuds

Although we can say that in-ear headphones don’t fit everyone and quite often you have to use those extra plugs that come along with your packing but it might be possible that you are wearing them the wrong way. If you think that buying a new pair just because the old one doesn’t fit properly, you’ll only lose money.

So, here is right way explained to wear your earbuds and prevent them from falling or slipping out. After reading this guide, you’ll never get frustrated again. Best of all, this guide is for any type of earbuds, whether they be Samsung, Apple, Bose, Audionic or any other brand.

Wearing Your Earbuds

1: Get a Pair of Earbuds Ready

Of course, to practice you need a pair of earphones. Grab any of those you have at home.

The next thing to do is untangle the cord if it’s tangled. You should also clean your earbuds padding before using them. The wax and dirt particles blocked inside of them can block the sound.

2: The Starting Phase

Place the tips of earphones in your ears and gently push them inside. Once inside, using your right hand, pull the left earlobe slightly in downward direction. This will further open your ear canal.

Now using the index finger of your left hand, push the left earbud into your ear so that it fixesproperly and gets in the natural grip of your ear canal. Do the same process for your right earlobe. Make sure that you don’t press it too hard or too soft. Just a gentle push would do the job.

3: Plugging in The Audio Jack

Finally, plug-in the audio jack in your smartphone, laptop or whatever device you are using, and play your favorite music.

You’ll instantly feel that the noise is much louder than it used to be. This is because the earbuds are properly gripped inside your ears and there is no noise distortion from outside. If you feel it’s too loud, turn down the volume a bit. Not only that, you will feel a rich-quality sound with improved bass and crystal clear words reaching your ears.

What If This Doesn’t Work for You?

There is a slight chance that the earbuds still have a loose grip.

This is when those extra earplugs come to the rescue. If you think that the grip is too tight, remove those old plugs and fix in smaller ones, and vice versa.

Don’t miss benefits of wearing earbuds.

Comply is a company, that is popular for manufacturing some great foam tips of different sizes and colors. If your manufacturer is ‘miser’ you can always order some extra pairs of customized size from them.

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Things to Take Care Of

  • Avoid turning the volume to full. There is a risk that it may affect your hearing abilities or even damage your ear drum.
  • Never try to push in the earbuds with force. This may wound the ear canal.
  • If the earplugs are damaged, throw them away and use new ones. Never use earbuds with damaged foam tips. The plastic can scratch the walls of your ear canal.

How do you wear your earbuds?