How to Make a Folder Invisible in Windows 10 to Hide it from Others

You might have used the “Hidden Folder” option before, but ever wondered that you can also make a folder invisible? Before I tell you how you can create an invisible folder in Windows 10, let me tell you why we need to create it. Most of you will be facing multiple problems that require you to keep your data safe and secure. Moreover, there are millions of hackers out there always in a seek of gaining unauthorized access and steal your confidential information. This could be your credit card information or saved passwords in a file as well.

Fortunately, Windows 10 allows you to make a folder invisible, and protect your files to be accessed by your friends or third party users. Though the method is quite simple but very useful. Once you make a file invisible, nobody will be able to see until the folder is highlighted. You don’t need to password protect a folder if you know how to make it invisible. Follow the below steps with relevant images to make a folder invisible.

I am giving you an example by creating a new folder. Simply follow the method explained below. But this method isn’t working on compressed folders because of some Windows’ restrictions.

1) Create a new folder or navigate the existing folder that you want to make invisible.

new folder

2) Now right-click on this New Folder and select rename.


3) Now rename this folder with characters “0160”. You have to do this while pressing and holding the ALT key. While typing, you will notice that nothing is being typed. Don’t worry, this is the main strategy while making the folder invisible.

4) After typing the characters, press enter. This will give a blank name to the newly created folder.blank rename

5) Now right-click on this folder, and go to “properties”.


6) A new dialog box will pop-up. Here click on the customize tab.

customize tab

7) Next click on the “change icon” button under “Folder Icons”.

change icon

8) Finally from the new dialog box, choose the “Blank Icon”. This will be invisible by default as shown below in the screenshot.

blank icon

Once you click ok and “Apply” the changes, the folder will now be invisible. I hope you were successful in making the folder invisible. Let me know if you have any questions or facing difficulties.