How to Get More Followers on Instagram?

If you are crazy to get loads of followers on Instagram for an individual purpose, it is not something impossible. You just need to follow a few instructions to achieve your target. What you need to do initially is to log in your account. Now follow the tricks given below.

Get More Followers on Instagram


Hit “Like” Blindly

You can get more and more followers if you like the photos of other people. You should hit “Like” to the shares of your mates and other people.

Hit Like

In this context, “Explore” feature can be greatly helpful for you. Click “Explore” to view fascinating of other members. You can search the photos of famous and historical places around the world. View them one followed by other and hit “Like” option for all of them. If you are repeating it daily, you are going to get gobs of followers. It’s successful tactic because your profile link will be shown below the posts you liked and other Instagram users will follow you if they like your profile.

Explore Feature

Tip: Make sure you’ve an attractive profile picture that can attract anyone on Instagram.

Throw Comments

Start adding remarks on the photos of other users. Throw influential comments, let’s say! “I love the fascinating scenery you captured” or “I love the combination of dress you used in the photo”. Mark my words, people-flattery works wonders in this context.

Add Comments

You should also use intelligent or witty comments to your photos. You should use the influence of words to get more followers. Add description to the picture to show why you have captured it and what is its prominent feature. Add some relevant questions in simple and colloquial language. Don’t use flowery words or phrase that are beyond the understanding of a layman.

Account Setting

The profile picture should be relevant to your account’s theme. You should pick an excellent and appropriate username. Let’s say! If you want to promote gardening, you should add a photo of your garden or your picture while gardening. If you are a photographer and wish to attract the attention of your followers towards your account, you should add a fascinating photo as a profile picture that is captured recently.

Bio section in your Account plays a vital role to get many followers. It is very useful tool. So, try to fill it carefully and tell the members what they want to see. If your account is about fitness, you should add “Charismatic Fitness” or that may be “Fitness Mania”, etc.

Add Bio

“Find Friends” option enables you to import your friends from social networking sites and thus, without much effort you can obtain a bunch of followers instantly.

Sync your Instagram account with your other social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and let your friends know about your photos on Instagram. It will get you more followers in no time.

Find Friends


You should use accurate tagging. Your picture should contain minimum two to three relevant tags. These tags should be related to the photo directly. Let say! You are going to share the image of a stylish dress; you have designed for the summer season. You should tag it “#SummerStyle #Beautiful and #SummerDress.

Because Instagram users use tags to find stuff, if your post gets ranked higher in that hashtag then you’ll get visitors and lots of followers.

Use InstaFollow

InstaFollow is a third party app that allows you to increase the number of your followers instantly. Just install it from Google Play and start using this user-friendly and straightforward app to get your desired number of members.


For more Android apps like the above one, check Google Play Store.

It has millions of users, and everyone keep following each other’s profile. The Same kind of apps is available for iOS devices where you get points for following others, and you can consume those points to get followers for yourself. It’s just like give and take rule. For iOS, you can use this free app and many others are available in app store.