How to Fix “Err_Empty_Response” on Google Chrome

Err_Empty_Response error

Mostly the users of Google Chrome encounter the error “Err_Empty_Response” that creates an annoying situation for hours. Here, I am going to share my experience that how I resolved this error successfully. I am sure you will also be facing the same issue. So, let’s see how to fix this problem.

Method # 1: Clear Cache and Cookies [Most Working Solution]

You should clear cookies and cache memory from Chrome browser. It can be a major reason to show this error.

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Now go to the address bar and type “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” here to access “Clear browsing data” page directly.

ClearBrowserData command

  • Here, you will find some options with checkboxes. You need to check “Cookies and other site and plugin data” and “Cached images and files.” Now click the option “Clear browsing data” at the bottom. It will erase the cookies and cache memory.

  • Now close the Chrome browser and re-open it. This time it will not show you the error.

Method # 2: Reset IP Configuration

If there is an error in IP settings, you may get Err_Empty_Response error. So, it is necessary to reset the IP configuration. Follow the instructions to perform this action.

  • Click “Start” button and type “Command Prompt.” Now right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator.”


  • Once the Command Prompt window appears, you need to type “netsh int ip set dns” and press Enter.

IP set dns

  • Now type “netsh winsock reset catalog” and press Enter.

windows socket reset

  • Now type the following commands and press Enter every time.

“ipconfig /release”

“ipconfig /all”

“ipconfig /flushdns”

“ipconfig /renew”

You need to type all these commands without commas.

IP reset commands

  • Once you have done it, restart the system to apply the changes. I hope the error is fixed now. If not, try the method below.

Method # 3: Run Disk Cleanup to Remove Junk Files from System

It becomes necessary to remove the junk files from your system that can be a leading cause for this error. So, run disk cleanup by using Command Prompt.

  • Open Command Prompt by typing “Command Prompt” in the search bar and right-click on it to select “Run as Administrator” option.


  • Now you need to type “cleanmgr” and press Enter. It will run clean manager.

clean manager command

  • You will see a window pops up with the Drives option to clean them up. You need to select a drive you want to clean by the clean manager.

Clean Manager for C drive

  • Now, wait for a while. The Clean Manager will check the junk files and will display before you the “Disk Clean Up” page. Just check the boxes which one you want to delete and click “OK” to remove them.

Disk Cleanup Utility for C driver

  • Now have the patience for some time. It may take up to half an hour depending on the size of the junk files. Once it is over, you should restart the computer.

That’s all.

Method # 4: Run Windows System File Checking Tool

You need to apply this method to check whether there is an error in Windows System Files.

  • Open “Command Prompt” as an administrator. (For this, go to the Start and type “Command Prompt” in the Search bar. Once it appears in the search results, right-click on it and click to “Run as administrator” option.

cmd.exe tool

  • Now type “sfc/scannow” and press Enter. It will start scanning the Windows system files and shows the percentage of scanned files below. See the image below to check how does it work.

system file checker scan

Method # 5: Install Windows Updates

There may be an old version of any software that is causing this error. So, you need to install Windows Updates to get rid of this error.

  • Go to the Start and type “Windows Update” in the search bar to open it directly. Just click on it as it appears in the search results.

Windows Update in search

  • Windows Update tool appears on the screen. You should select the option “Check for Updates.”

It will check for available updates and install them readily.

Method # 6: Repair Registry

Often, the error may occur due to a corrupt registry. So, you need to fix the registry by using an authentic tool. Usually, I prefer Auslogics Registry Editor that works promptly to repair registry.
You can download it from Here.

  • Once you launch it, just use its option “Scan” at the bottom.

Registry cleaning tool

  • It will start scanning the files and then shows you the number of infected files. It repairs them promptly.

Registry errors detected

Method # 7: Power Cycling of Router

It looks weird to some readers, but it is a proven fact that it is quite a handy technique. When you power cycle the router, it clears up the memory of the network card and the modem. So, it works well often to get rid of this error.
Simply you should switch off the router and unplug its wire. Now, wait for a few minutes. You need to plug in the wires again and switch on the device. (Some users can resolve this error by simply restarting their routers)

Method # 8: Run Antivirus to Scan Your System

Seldom, a virus in your system infects the network and prevents it from establishing the connection. So, you need to run Antivirus tool to scan your system. It will detect and resolve the error.

AVAST Smart Scan

Method # 9: Uninstall & Reinstall Browser

Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, some programs delete your browser’s files, and it can cause affecting your browser from accessing your desired sites. So, you need to uninstall Chrome from your system and then re-install it.

  • Go to Control Panel by using the Start button.
  • In the Control Panel window, you have to select “Uninstall a Program” under “Programs” category as shown in the image below.

Programs Category

  • Now the list of installed programs appears. You need to click “Google Chrome” in the list. Above this list, there appears an option “Uninstall.” You should click this option to uninstall Google Chrome.

Uninstall Browser

  • Now restart the system and reinstall Chrome from an authentic source. Hurrah! Your error has gone now.

Method # 10: Reset Browser Settings

If the current configuration of Google Chrome is corrupt, it can cause this irritating error time and again. Hence, it is important for you to reset Browser settings to the default.

  • Open Chrome and click the “Customize and Control” icon (Three vertical dots icon at the top right corner of Chrome window).

Browser's Customize and Control option

  • Now select “Settings” from the list.

Settings option in Browser

  • On the Settings page, keep scrolling down until you see the option “Show Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the page.

Advanced Settings in Chrome Settings

  • Again scroll down and look for the option “Reset Settings” under System category. Click on it once you get it. It will reset the current settings of the browser to the default settings. Now close the browser and reopen it.

Reset to Default settings

It will resolve this error for sure.

Final Advice

Final words, if the error persists, you need to contact your Internet Service Provider and discuss this problem. It may be due to an error in the server. Occasionally, the ISP’s firewall blocks some IP addresses and this error occurs.

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