How to Enable Sleep Mode in Windows 10

One of my blog‘s subscriber recently sent me an email and said that he was having trouble to enable sleep mode in windows 10. Although, it seems to be a very simple task, yet in the advance and totally new interface of Windows 10, it might be difficult, especially for the new users. The past week I received 10 other emails from our readers requesting a solution for the same issue.

Well, below I have created a very simple and easy guide with relevant images. Just follow the steps explained:

Enabling Sleep Mode

1: Click on the “Windows” icon in the lower left bottom of your Desktop screen, and then navigate the “Settings” options. Click on it!start settings

2: The settings box will open up. Here you need to go in “System”.system

3: Next choose the “Power & Sleep” option from the list you see on the left pane.power and sleep

4: Upon clicking, you will see multiple power & sleep options on the right side of the box. Adjust them to the desired values.power settings

5: Now click on the “Additional Power Settings”. You need to scroll down to see this option.additional power setting

6: A new box will pop up. Click on “Change Plan Settings” link.change plan7: From here choose “Change Advanced Power Settings”.advance power settings

8: After clicking, “Power Options” screen will appear. Here you have to expand each of the settings just to ensure that they allow your computer to go to sleep mode. In the below screenshot, I have only adjusted the settings for “Multimedia Settings> When Sharing Media” as it was set to “Prevent idling to Sleep”. So, I simply switch it to “Allow the Computer to Sleep” and saved the settings. For a shortcut, you can hit the “Restore Plant Defaults”. This will toggle all the options to “where sleeping is allowed in windows 10”.allow

That’s all! In case you are still facing problem, then it might be a program running on the PC and keeping it awake, possibly a virus. Just go to the task manager>processes and navigate any programs that you think are unknown to you. Simply close them and you are done.

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