How to Enable Mini God Mode in Windows 10

The Mini God Mode feature was firstly introduced in Windows 7 and most of the Windows users are still unaware of this feature. Let me tell you what Mini God Mode is!

How to Enable Mini God Mode in Windows 10

What is Mini God Mode?

It is a hidden feature in your Windows that lets you easily access all of the available configuration parameters in a single location. And to enjoy all of the benefits of this feature, you need to activate or enable the Mini God Mode in Windows 10.

Enable Mini God Mode (Guide)

1: Go to your desktop, and right-click anywhere.

2: Now create a new folder.

New folder

3: Rename this folder with the name below:


4: Hit Enter and you will see a folder that looks just like the one as shown in the below image. This is your God Mode folder.

God Mode

5: Double click on this folder and you will find all of your important files and folders located in a single place.

Inside godmode

6: That’s all! You have successfully enabled this feature.

The main benefit of Mini God Mode is that you get all your things in a single place. You can also create shortcuts of important commands and tasks. Moreover, you are not restricted to keep the folder name as ‘GodMode’. Once it is created, you can always rename it to whatever you want.

Additionally, God Mode also gives advanced customization options and Microsoft has made no change in its overall features since it first came in Windows 7. This feature is especially beneficial for the IT administrators who wish to have a user-friendly interface whenever dealing with their business or going through other customizations.

I hope fellow readers this post was helpful, and you were successful in enabling the Mini God mode as I described in the post. Please let us know if you are facing any kind of issues while going through the steps mentioned above. I’ll be happy to help you out! Don’t forget to leave your feedback in comments.