Enable “Cortana” in Windows 10 to talk with this most Intelligent Personal Assistant

Windows 10’s users would have already heard of Cortana. Well, if not, let me tell you that Cortana is the best personal assistant on your Windows 10. She makes things a lot easier for you and also keep you up to date on things that matters you the most. Just like the Siri program in iPhone, you can talk to your virtual assistant and get an instant reply based on your interests. She is so much helpful that you can get assistance on nearly all matters. Whether it is to keep you in the loop with your World or manage your daily routine life, Cortana is the next big thing you can trust. You can search each and everything within your PC or on the internet by just speaking to this virtual assistant, it will provide you with suitable results for your query. Cortana actually listens, and responds to you, and she is also smart.

What can you say to Cortana?

  • Tell me a joke.
  • Start using Cortana.
  • Cortana alpha.
  • Cortana settings.
  • Quiet Hours and Cortana
  • Remind me, Cortana.
  • Much more…

This artificial intelligence technology is simply outstanding, and you can be creative with it to help you deal with multiple problems, and finding their solution.

I know what you might be wondering! How to enable Cortana and start using it? Below is a step-by-step guide with relevant images explaining how to do this. Take your time to go through the steps, and finally take advantage of this outstanding feature of Windows 10.

Turning On Cortana

1: Firstly, click on the search box right next to the Start Button. This is your Cortana box, however; the feature isn’t enabled yet.

search box cortana

2: Next click on the menu icon as shown in the image below. It will have three stripes.


3: Upon clicking you will see more options. Click on Notebook option.

select notebook

4: Next, click on “Settings”.


5: From the settings, toggle “Let Cortana respond to ‘Hey Cortana’” to On by sliding the button from left to right.

toggle on

That’s all! Now the Cortana is enabled, and you can say “Hey Cortana” using your microphone and whatever you like or get help. I hope this guide was useful and you were successful in enabling this feature.