How to Enable ActiveX in Windows 10

Your Windows 10’s Desktop Central supports dual modes of viewing the remote computers. One is through the ActiveX viewer, while the other through the Java Viewer. The remote computer, in the case of Java Viewer, is visible to the users who use the Java Technology. However, the ActiveX viewer uses the browser’s ActiveX components. So, the browser from where you have to establish the connection should also have the ActiveX control enabled.

As a general example, I have taken Internet Explorer and explained steps of allowing the ActiveX controls in it.

Guide to Turn On ActiveX

1: Open Internet Explorer, and select Tools. Then go to Internet Options from the menu display in Internet Explorer.

internet options

2: Now select the Security tab from the options available in the dialog box.


3: Next choose Local Intranet Web content zone, and finally click on the Custom Level.

setting security

4: From the ActiveX controls and plugins, you need to make the following options available for enabling it.

  • Download signed ActiveX controls.
  • Download unsigned ActiveX activex
  • Run ActiveX controls and plugins.activex enable
  • Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.scriptx control

5: Click OK for saving the security settings.

6: Once again click OK to save and close the Internet Options Dialog box.

What is ActiveX?

It is a combination of an essential piece of software and has access to the entire computer. If you are an Internet Explorer user, the websites may prompt you to install the ActiveX controls. However, one thing I must quote here that this feature can be used for malicious purposes. so, be careful.

What The ActiveX Controls Do?

ActiveX control is a tiny program for the Internet Explorer and refers as an add-on. It is like other programs, but not restricted from doing bad things with your system. These controls also monitor the personal browsing habits, generate random pop-ups, even log keystrokes and passwords and many other petty things.

The ActiveX controls the only function in Internet Explorer. Other browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. use other browser plugins. A few experts recommend that you should avoid installing the ActiveX controls unless you trust their source. A few ActiveX controls like the Flash Player ActiveX controls are quite ordinary ones, but still if you believe that there might be some security concerns, then avoid installing these controls.

I hope this guide was helpful! Do leave your feedback in comments!