How to Delete Windows.Old Folder from Windows 10?

Like many others, you might also have upgraded from the older version of Windows to the newer version. If so, then you might have seen the Windows.Old folder that gets created automatically as soon as you upgrade your windows. This happens because you simply upgraded your operating system to a newer version of windows without formatting the drive. Well, don’t worry about this issue, because you can easily delete this folder from Windows 10. My today’s aim is to help you out in deleting this folder, and we will be doing this in a step-by-step manner.

What does it contain?

Before we proceed, a lot of people have asked me what is inside this folder? and will it be safe to delete it? Well, this folder contains all the applications and files from your previous Windows installation. The Windows installed makes use of this folder in case you want to downgrade to the older version of windows.

You can locate this folder by going into:

  1. This PC.
  2. Drive C, and
  3. old

Have a look at the below screenshot!

Windows.old folder location

As the windows.Old folder comprises of the Windows operating system files and all other installed apps, it consumes a lot of your disk space. This folder can be as large as 15-20 GB, and mainly depends on the total size of previous windows installation.

Why you should delete it?

If you have installed the Windows on a smaller SSD drive or haven’t properly allocated sufficient amount of disk space to your Windows currently Installed, then the drive would require you to delete this unneeded folder so that you can gain some additional space.


Though it may seem that deleting this data folder is simply done through a single Right Click and Delete. However, it isn’t that easier, rather it is a complex method, and here are some handy instructions on how you can tackle these hurdles.

CAUTION: I highly recommend you to think once again whether or not you want to revert to the previous version. If Yes, then don’t even think of removing this folder, else you cannot perform this operation again, once it’s get deleted from the C drive.

Let’s start the guide:

1) First of all, reach inside “This PC” and ‘Right Click’ on the Drive on which your Windows is installed, and click the properties. In my case, I have it installed on Drive C.

Drive C

Right click Properties
Right click Properties


2) Inside the Properties, click on the “General” tab, and then click on the small “Disk Cleanup” option so that you can trigger it.

Disk Cleanup under General tab
Disk Cleanup under General tab
Disk Cleanup scanning process
Disk Cleanup scanning process

3) When the disk cleanup shows the below dialog box, you have to click on the “Clean up system files” button. This will go through a scan!

Clean up system files
Clean up system files

4) After that, you will see the below dialog box. Here you need to find the “Previous Windows Installation”. Mark this option and then click OK to delete this folder from your computer.

Previous Windows Installation
Previous Windows Installation

BOOM! You are done with deleting the Windows.Old folder. This is one of the simplest and effective methods for deleting it. It won’t appear anymore under the root of the current windows installed.

I hope this guide helped you, in case you are having any issues deleting this folder, kindly let me know in comments. Don’t forget to subscribe for more such awesome guides.


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